Chapter 6 The first date

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I got up late this morning and took my time getting ready. I walked to the dining hall and got something to eat then walked to the sewing room to work on the Queen's clothing. Overnight I got an order from some lady that wanted me to make her a dress so I started on it as well.

I looked out of the window and saw that is was a beautiful day so I stopped what I was doing and walked to the window looked out, I smiled and decided to go into the gardens. I walked out of the room and down to the gardens for some fresh air.

I walked around smelling the beautiful flowers that I had never seen before. Then I heard some footsteps behind me and I turned to see Chris walking up to me.

"Hello Bella, how are you?"

"Hello Chris I am good."

"Would you like to go out sooner then we planned today?"

I looked at him and remembered that I said I would go with him on a date. I smiled and said, "That sounds fine just let me go get changed."

I ran up the stairs and into my room I looked through my closet and found the most perfect dress. It was a blue colour silk sleeveless dress that had a dark blue under slip it fit perfectly it just hit my knees I thought to myself, I don't know why was worrying about looking my best but then I remembered that I was going to go out with the Prince. Then I thought ones more, oh my word I think I like him. Why didn't I see that before? isn't that why I am worrying about how I am dressed? never mind. I rolled my eyes at myself for thinking silly thoughts and then looked through my closet ones more and found a white jacket and a pair of white flats. I looked at myself in the mirror and then walked out into the hallway to find Chris.

I am guessing when I was getting ready Chris changed to. I walk up behind him he was wearing a black suit shirt and pair of jeans and black shoes and he had done his hair and I think he shaved as well. I looked at him and was about to laugh, why did he get cleaned up for me. He looked fine to me before. I laughed ones more then I saw that he had turned and was looking at me. I smiled and he said, "Well you clean up nicely. You ready to go?"

"Thank you. I am ready to go. By the way where are we going?"

Chris just smiled and put out his arm and I took it. We walked outside and there in my surprise there was a carriage standing there with two horses and a guy waiting for us and there was another guy waiting by the door of the carriage. He looked up and smiled and then opened the door. He put his hand out to me and I took it and he showed me into the carriage then Chris came in and sat next to me. The guy shut the door of the carriage and then it started to move.

I looked at Chris and he smiled and then said, "You're wondering where we are going right? Well we are going somewhere that means a lot to me and I think you will like it. "

"Ok that sounds nice. Can I ask you something? Is your parents ok with you going out with someone that isn't a princess or of royal blood or even a high class lady?"

Chris looked at me with thoughtful eyes that I couldn't help but not look at. He smiled and said, "My parents are fine with whoever I go out with. My parents just want me to be happy."

I sighed with relief when he said that I think he heard me because he laughed and then said, "We are here."

I didn't know that the carriage had stopped and a guy was opening the door. Chris got out first then put his hand out and helped me out. I was taken back by the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my whole life. I could see everything from the castle to the town and the rolling hillside and I think I could see a little bit of Centaur's valley I smiled at thought of seeing Centaur's Valley again.

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