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Kim Taehyung, born in the year 1995, is only your regular typical kid. He has a best friend named Park Jimin, also born in the similar year. They were inseparable. Some even declare them the best duo.

Taehyung labels Jimin as his protector because yes, he could definitely count on him in anything, whenever and wherever. Jimin was his rock, his best friend and his brother.

However, one gloomy day, life took its turn for Jimin. He was accused of murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment but Jimin wasn't guilty yet the police refused to listen further just because they managed to find his fingerprints on the crime scene.

Jimin was framed. Whoever that person is, must be someone who holds a deep grudge against him or who was simply super smart enough to get away with murder. From that day forward, Taehyung was in despair although that didn't stop him from finding out the truth.

He knows Jimin his entire life. That sweet little boy can't possibly be capable of a brutal murder, no way. Taehyung didn't believe that since he has been working on a couple of cases, studying his files.

Yes, Taehyung is a freelance detective. He would help his uncle every now and then, he even got praises from his old man for being so observant, solving his cases one after another. Even the cops would trust him with a highly confidential case because that is how efficient Taehyung is.

One officer has been constantly helping him, they eventually got closer but their relationship status is still unknown since its strictly professional.

I will get you out of prison, buddy. Hang in there.

Taehyung chimed to himself every single morning without fail as a reminder that his sole mission right now is to figure out the real killer and prove to the cops plus the public that his best friend is downright innocent.

Today marks Day 30.

It goes on alright.

Taehyung made a call to his partner.

"Officer Jeon, I think now is the time I need your help"

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