Chapter one (Into the woods)

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(8 years ago...)

"Syrin you have great powers and you have to promise me you will use that power for good, Ok? you have to promise me Syrin!

"Yes mum I-I prom-mis" I was on the brink of tears, I sat next to my mother as she
slowely died knowing there was nothing I could do to help her.

As I lay there with my mother the door opened to revial a man, he had black dusty hair and dark green eyes like pine he wore black jeans and a leather jacket.

"Take the girl!" he said loudly and then two men in black came into the room aproaching me slowly. "Stay away from me!" I yelled tears pouring out of my eyes.

One of the men grabed my arm tightly. But there was no way! I was going to leave my mother here. So I did the only thing a 8 year old would do.
I screamed "MUM!, NO LET ME GO MUM!!" I felt so angry that I dident even relise that my hands were on fire.

I quickly pulled the mans hand of my wrist, the man quickly let go of me and growled lowly at me.
That was Deffently going to leave a scar on his wrist.
As the other man aproched me I quickly looked back at where my mother lay and then
Suddenly A flash of blue and white consumed her and she was gone....

(Preasnt day)

Syrin's P.O.V

I silently sit in one of the forst trees watching the birds sing and fly, having no troubles in the world. When I suddenly hear two people talking underneath the tree I Look down to see two boys about my age talking, I quickly take a sniff of there scent ahh there werewolf's.

"Don, Have you heard about that hybrid chick?"

"Of corse I have you idiot everybody knows about her! why do you have to be so stupid Alex!?"

"Hey Im not stupid if anybody is stupid its you!" The blond haired guy looked like he was about to shift and tackel the brunette guy called don to the ground.

"Ok, ok, fine... your not stupid, just be quite we need to be looking for a hybrid ok don? We don't want a evil hybrid wandering our territory "

How did they know about me? Iv been in hiding for years! And i'm the only hybrid in the world!? And I'm not EVIL! Whatever they are talking about it can't be good at all!

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