About the Characters

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an outgoing crazy girl that loves being reckless at times. she has long brown and blonde hair that reaches her mid stomach and hazel eyes. everybody likes her because of her really good looks but sometimes that hurts her. the guys basically drool over her and that makes her available to everyone. Her best friend is a girl named Grace but she eventually has to say goodbye to her. She is based off of the Brandy model that is Scarlett Leithold 😍

We all know Cameron's personality😉 but the only thing that might change is his age. As well as with the other magcon boys that'll be in this story.
Cameron is cameron

he has a different personality in this story but eventually it merges with his normal one. just wait 😏
Matt is Matt

Mia is a spunky friend and shes always crazy and is always up for anything... shes always there for Ana and has a huge impact on some of her decisions.
Mia is based off of Krista Lichtner 😍

keep reading this story. it gets way better and give me feedback on what you think!💖

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