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"It really is you," Maria states as Max opens the door.

"Maria," Max says, regret saddening his voice.

Maria scrutinizes him with narrowed eyes. "What have you been telling my girl?"

Max looks at Liz and she grimaces apologetically.

"For some reason Liz has gotten it into her head that you're an alien."

"It's true," Max says quietly.

Maria snorts and steps around Max into the apartment. "Of course it is."

"I'm sorry," Liz says softly. "I tried..."

He smiles. "It's okay. Maybe it's better this way. Last time you told her she freaked out. At least disbelief is calmer."

"I guess actually seeing me walking out of there after the shooting as if nothing had happened is standing in the way of her believing me right now."

"Yeah," Max agrees and closes the door behind her.

"Nice place you've got here, Maxie boy," Maria says loudly.

"Thanks," Max replies.

"So, where are the others?"

"The others?" Max asks.

"The other aliens, members of your cult? No wait, don't tell me. You travel alone. Like E.T., right?"

"Maria," Liz warns.

Max gently touch Liz's wrist, skin to skin, which cause tingles to run down her spine. "It's okay."

"Tell me, Max, what powers do you have? Because I assume you have powers. Do you fly, freeze things with your breath..? How does Liz look without clothes in your X-ray vision?"

"Maria!" Liz cries, mortification spreading up her neck and across her cheeks in deep crimson color.

"No, nothing like that," Max says, avoiding to look at Liz.

"Really? Then how about a demonstration of something you can do, Max?" Maria challenges.

He nods, "Okay."

He reaches his hand out towards Liz in invite. "Liz, would you mind?"

"Hey, what are you doing?" Maria says slowly as Liz places her hand in Max's. What if he would hurt Liz somehow?

Liz steps up in front of Max and looks up at him expectantly. She can't deny that she is herself interested in seeing what Max will do. She hasn't seen any proof of his powers – only the things she's seen in her dreams. But dreams are only dreams.

Max smiles at her reassuringly. Without a word he raises his hands to the top of her forehead and gently contacts with her skin. If Liz hadn't been focusing so much on his touch, she would have felt her heart rate pick up. Slowly, he begins sliding his fingers down the sides of her face, tracing the hairline. The warmth from his fingers causes goose bumps to erupt all over her body.

She's getting lost in his eyes as his eyes remain locked with hers. Unconsciously, she leans into his touch, into his body, and she presses her hands flat on his chest to prevent herself from falling. Unbeknownst to Liz, the warmth she's feeling is changing the structure of her hair follicles, curling the hair strands. As Max feathery touch slides down her face, the dark strands curl in front of Maria's eyes from root to tip and she gasps.

"How... What..." Maria stutters. In the time span of two seconds she recovers, strides up to Max and rips Liz out of his hands. "Stay away from her!"

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