Why Should I Listen?

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I have nothing to really say soo...enjoy

I got up in disgust, I look at the both of them and turn around and walk through the door.

I step out in the hall and stand there for awhile. What just happen? I let out breath I was holding and I start strolling down the hall. I jump when the bell rang. I continued walking as the hall got crowed. I look up when I see Tina, Zack, also Danny walking towards me.

I noticed Tina have a strange look on her face. Not her but Danny to, he looked confused for some reason.

I stop when there right infront of me. Before I say anything Zack walk off.

"Zack wait" I said reaching out for him. Next thing you know Tina slap away my hands.
I look at her.


"Is this true May?" She asked folding her arms and glaring at me.


She took out her phone and shove it in my face. I snatch the phone And read it

'I have somthin to tell u..uhm..I wanna break up, you see I'm seeing someone else for awhile now and I really like her I think I shouldn't say anymore because May probably be mad so..hav a nice day'

He put my name in there on purpose the F√cking jerk. Oh I'm so gonna kill him.


"Look Tina, it not like that" I said trying to reassured her.

"Shut the F√ck up May! You know that was my first love and You ruin it for me, you always do that I can't believe I even except you as my friend, You stab me in the back" she yelled letting the whole hall looking at us.

"Tina its not what you think-

She slap me in the face cutting me off.

"Hey-hey stop it!" Danny pulled her away from me. While her legs are kicking in the air.

I hold my face did Tina just really slap in the face. Damn she got some nerv hitting me.

"What the f√ck Tina!" I yelled back.

"No, May its all your fault I can't believe you"

"How is it my fault? He was the one that came to me I didn't asked for this I didn't know this will happen."

"Ya, explain why are you wearing that? You already got this all planned out huh? I should've of know somthing was up between you two! Damn I'm such a fool to not realize it" She said still praying off Danny hands from around her.

"Tina listen to me! Its not what you think we're nothing okay, He came to my house last night-

"Hold up, last night?" Danny asked looking over to me.

"Yes, last night-

"And this morning you didn't tell me! I was f√cking kissing that jerk practically all day and now I'm just hearing this. He probably already kissed you, you selfish b!tch!" Tina said putting her hair in one.

"Well, did he kissed you?" Danny asked.

I didn't have the guts to say it out loud I just lower my head in shame.

I guess that answer his question because Tina runover to me trying to punch me in the face.

Lucky Zack stop her in mid air.

"Tina stop it! Don't waste your time fighting for a jerk okay, he's nothing to ever fight for and don't lose your.... I guess friend over one guy that's not right for you, you don't need him so stop this right now!" Zack said putting one hand on her shoulder to clam her down

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