Blake's POV

The next morning I walked in the kitchen completely content mostly from last night’s episode with Jason and I even found myself humming which is something I rarely do. It’s funny though because if someone told me last week that Jason and I would be in this position, I would laugh in their face and tell them to stop smoking crack. But now I find myself… lusting after him? I know I don’t feel anything but that because I’m not stupid enough to fall for a player even though I was stupid enough to fall for that cheater Braydon. I think it’s the whole golden boy look he had going on.

I noticed a post-it-note on the fridgerator door and I already knew it was either from dad or Madeline.

Behave while we are gone

Love, Madeline

I scrunched the paper up and threw it at the trashcan that was only a few feet away. I wonder what she meant by behaving because when it comes to Jason and I, there would always be some misbehaving. Oh damn, I need to get these sinful thoughts out of my head because this not the real Blake Mitchell. The real Blake Mitchell is afraid to make-out with her boyfriend in public and doesn’t want to take their relationship to the next level.

All these thoughts were put aside when I decided to make pancakes for Jason and I. I’m not the best cook in the world but I think I can manage some pancake batter mixed with water.

When I was done with stacking the pancakes into one plate, I decided to award myself by making some bacon because I am proud to say that I did not burn as much pancakes as I anticipated.

Jason walked in the kitchen shirtless, moments after the bacon was cooked and I was settling the orange juice carton and whipped cream on the table.

“Looks great Blake,” he complimented, planting a sloppy kiss on my forehead and plopped himself on a chair. He didn’t say anything else as he started stuffing the pancakes down his throat.

After breakfast, I decided to take a shower because I felt sweaty and sticky after being in the kitchen. I went up to my room and quickly grabbed my toilettes and made my way into the bathroom. I slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the shower.   I let the water run over me.

My mind somehow wondered off to Braydon as I washed my back with the scrubber. Why is that bastard lingering in my mind? I need to forget about him but I know I can’t.  We’ve dated for three years for God sakes; did that mean nothing to him? What was going through his mind when he was fucking that bitch? Certainly not me!

I don’t want to think about him anymore and I think I know the perfect solution.

“Jason!” I yelled, pushing the shower curtain to the side. Please let him be in his room so he could hear me.  

“What?!” He yelled moments after.

“Come here.”

“What?” He asked again, walking in the bathroom. I noticed how he tried but failed to not stare at my boobs. I would think he would know by now that I wouldn’t care if he stared at my boobs.

“Come take a shower with me.” I said seductively, wagging my eyebrows.

I probably look stupid or funny doing it cause that got me a laugh from him. “Okay.”

He was still shirtless so all he had to do was take off his pants and boxers. He stepped into the shower with me and all thoughts of Braydon vanished out of my mind.

He grabbed my neck and pulled me closer to him and forced his lips upon mines. We both pulled away at the same to catch our breath.

He gently pushed me against the wall and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I pulled on his hair to bring him closer to me and I moaned when he began kissing my neck. I like how his wet hair feels between my fingers. His hands began to roam my body and it started traveling south. He played with my belly button ring for a while until his hands decided to keep going further.

“Jason,” I moaned, when his fingers found its way inside me. He parted my legs together and dived in. I didn’t want to be selfish because he satisfied me and I wanted to return the favor.

I got down on my knees.

Jason and I went back to my room after the shower and I quickly changed into some blue skinny jeans and black tank top. I really didn’t bother wearing a bra because it’s only me and Jason in the house. While I was changing, Jason made himself comfortable on my bed and his eyes followed me wherever I went.

I plopped on my bed and lay next to him.

“Should we talk?” he asked.

“About what?”

“Us of course.” He said.

“What about us?”

He sighed. “Have you ever read a book or seen a movie about two friends doing the whole benefits thing and ended up not catching feelings?”

I shrugged. “I guess not.”

“Exactly so we need to set some rules that prevent us from this awful destiny because I’ve been in love once and love suck.”

“I agree so what should the rules be?”

“This whole thing started because you used me to forget about Braydon and in some weird way, I’m using you too so if one of us feel like we need to use the other, the other person can’t deny no matter what day or time it is.”

“Okay.” I agreed. “But no sex, sorry Jason but I’m a believer of a romantic first time.”

“Okay,” he shrugged.

“And you can’t have sex with other girls either,” I added.

“Whoa, what the fuck? So no sex for Jason?”

“I don’t know what kind of STDs girls in our school are carrying and I really don’t want to find out.”

“Fine,” He groaned, “Anything else?”

“We would need to stop this arrangement if one of us found someone else.”

“Okay but remember this is strictly no strings attached meaning I don’t have to call you in the morning or send you flowers and no getting jealous either because I know how you girls get. Deal?”

I laughed. “Deal.”


Author's Note: So i decided to continue with the story...YAYY mostly because iI'm almost done with college stuff and my job doesnt really need me so again..YAYYY

Anyways, we all know that Jason and Blake are grounded and suspended but i'm not going to dwell on that part so soon Blake and Jason are going back to school

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p.s just because im not as busy as i use too, doesnt mean i'll update frequently cause sometimes i dont have the inspiration i need and sometimes it just comes to me

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