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Pen Your Pride


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Austin Imagine-

You and your best friend Alex have known each other since you were born, but now that he's been hanging out with Austin, Robert, and Zach he hasn't had any time for you. He's even been neglecting his girlfriend Sarah who is also one of your good friends.

One day Sarah called you and started telling you about how Alex had ditched her twice that week to go hang with the crew. You told her that you would go talk to Alex and see if you could talk some sense into him.

*next day*

Knocking on Alex's door you began to get a little nervous about how he would react to you criticizing him about his new friends. When the door opened you were expecting to see Alex there but instead standing in front of you is none other than Austin Carter Mahone.

"Hey y/n you're looking mighty fine today." You scoffed at him and gave a death stare. "Austin i don't have time for your games. Where is Alex i need to talk to him?" "Oh alex is upstairs in his room, but you don't wanna talk to him you'd be better off staying here with me." "You're disgusting Austin."

Pushing past the asshole that Alex calls a friend you headed straight up to Alex's room. Anyone else would typically knock before walking in to someones room, but not you and Alex, there is nothing you haven't seen before that would scare you if you opened the door.

When you walked in Alex was standing in there in nothing but a towel. "Hey y/n." he casually states. "Hey Ally Wally... We need to talk about something." "Ok sure let me just go put on some clothes." After he gets changed he walks back out and asks you whats up.

"Well Alex, ever since you've started hanging out with your "crew" you haven't been spending time with me or with your girlfriend and its starting to worry us. I mean I think its great you've found some guys to hang out with cuz trust me i know having a best friend of the opposite gender is a little difficult, but Sarah and i feel that you've completely forgotten about the both of us. Seriously bro you stood her up twice in a week to hang out with the guys. And don't even get me started on that asshole Austin, he's been hitting on me since you guys started hanging out and he barely knows me!"

"Y/n i didn't know you felt that way, and i didn't even realize i was doing that to Sarah. I promise that from now on i will give equal time to you, Sarah, and the boys because you are all important to me." He comes over to you and gives you a big hug. "Thanks Alex."

"Hey and maybe i can introduce you to the crew and you can hang with us sometime that way i get to be with all my friends." "Im down with that as long as you tell your boy Austin to lay off." "Yeah i need to have a talk with him about that, there ain't no way he's hitting on my sister!" "Haha i love you Alex." "I love you too sis. The boys are coming over in a little if you want to stay and chill with us." "I'd like that."

"Oh and I'll make sure i do something special for Sarah sometime this week to make it up to her." "I'll help you plan it if you want." "Really?? That would be so awesome y/n." "Of course Alex. What are best friends for?"

*later that day*

Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

"Hey y/n can you get the door? Its just Robert and Zach. Me and Austin are in the middle of something." "Yeah, sure, no problem." You get up from the couch and go get the door to welcome in Alex's crew.

When you open the door there is a shorter boy with dark hair, wearing a bulls SnapBack, and braces. Next to him there is a taller blonde boy wearing cargo shorts, a black T-shirt, and a really nice silver chain with a cross pendant.

"Um hi guys I'm Alex's friend y/n. You must be Robert and Zach." The blonde one says " Yup I'm Zach Dorsey and this is Robert Villanueva." "Well guys its nice to finally meet you. Alex has told me a lot about you two." Robert then comments "He's told us a lot about you too, but he forgot to mention that you are smoking hot!"

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