Chapter 1: Welcome to your new house

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Brie POV:
"Well, welcome to your new house girls!" Mom says as we pull up to our house.
Wow. This is amazing. Me and Nikki race out of the car and into the house.
"I call the bigger bedroom! Race ya!" We run up the stairs for the bigger room but since Nikki is faster she beats me. I don't care though. I un pack my bags and open a window. I lay down on my bed and listen it the sounds of nature. I start to close my eyes because I am exhausted and finally I just fall asleep.

Nikki POV:
I un pack my stuff and go see what Brie is doing. Sleeping. Like always. I go back on my bed and start and started to wonder what people at my school were going to be like. Then I realized how tired I was too and drifted off to sleep.

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