Chapter 10

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Luke's POV

The rest of February goes by quickly. More snow falls, and Delilah was right, I am now sick of it. I am tired of the cold and want the snow to go away. I liked it at first, but now I don't. I thought it got cold in Australia, but this is way colder than I could have ever imagined and I just want Winter to be over.

Lucy's birthday was February 20th, and she had a party with all her friends. I was invited too and spent my day surrounded by toddlers, being introduced to all of Lucy's friends by her saying "This is Lukey, my best friend." I bought her an Olaf balloon since we never did go to get the balloons. She was extremely excited, and now it's March 6th and the balloon is half deflated in her room. Delilah says she tells the balloon all about her day every night, so I'll probably have to get her a new one once this one completely deflates because she'll be devastated that she's killed yet another balloon. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to get her a balloon.

Michael and Ally still aren't officially dating, but they're working on it. Michael's too shy and nervous, and Ally is too. They're cute together though. I don't think Ashton is talking to that girl Amber anymore either. She was too quiet for him, according to Delilah.

Today is my first day working. Delilah's stepdad was able to get me a job at his friend's restaurant, so I'm working there as a waiter. I'm standing in front of my mirror, readjusting my tie and tucking in my shirt a little more. I nervously rub my palms against my legs and tug at my hair. I'm so nervous I feel like I could pass out. I've never worked anywhere before, I have no idea what I'm doing. They explained everything to me at my interview, but I don't remember much because I was too nervous to listen. I take a deep breath and head out of my room.

"Dad, I'm ready," I say quietly.

"Alright. Are you nervous?" he asks, grabbing his car keys from the table and putting on his jacket.

I nod. "Extremely."

"You'll do fine. I worked at a restaurant when I was around your age too. It's not too bad."

"You did? I didn't know that."

My dad nods. "I was the host."

I laugh. "So you weren't actually a waiter! A host is easy!"

"It's not that simple! You have to mark the tables, memorize the seating, keep track of who has eaten dinner, deal with angry customers waiting... Very hard."

I roll my eyes. "Okay, sure."

We get in the car, and I nervously tap my fingers against the arm rest. I know I'm not going to do well, and I'm going to mess up and get fired. I never should have taken the job in the first place. I should've just worked somewhere that doesn't have a lot of people, like a library.

The car ride seems to go by extremely slowly, and when we get there, I stay in the car.

"Luke," my dad says, turning to me.


"In order to get inside, you have to get out of the car."

"I know. Just taking my time," I say, unbuckling my seat belt slowly.

My dad sighs. "I promise it won't be bad. If I didn't think you could do this, I wouldn't have had you work here. You'll do great."

I open up the car door and slowly step out.

"Make new friends! Be nice to customers! Don't forget to smile!" my dad says, leaning over and yelling out the window.

"Bye, Dad," I tell him, laughing. I know he's trying to make me less nervous, but I'm pretty sure all the people in the parking lot can hear him screaming.

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