One Day...She WILL Be Mine. Forever and Always.

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First Chapterr! enjoy:)


Jason POV:

"Jason!.... Jason! get the Fuck up yout gunna be late!!!" says jasons mom. "Grons" then gets up. Yea this is how me and my moms morning usally are... I. Hate. School. I get up after another 15 mins of "get ur ass up" from my mom and get in the shower. Once im done i get dressed im my usal, Todays outfit ; Black shirt, Gray skinnys. I fix my hair a lil and head down stairs, my mom is sitting ther with my ceral made I eat it and make my way to the bus stop.

At School- Still Jason:

"Hey Jacoby" i say to my Best Friend since kindergarden Jake (aka: Jacoby) Jake says "hey" back. "Lets get to first I cant be late again Mr. Sims will kill me!" i say. Jake nods and we head off.

Mr Sims Class:

"Hey Sexy" i great Mellisa the School slut. She says " Hey Jacy" and pecks my cheek. I smurk and sit down. Mr. Sims starts saying words no one cares about then he says somthing i actualy listen to, he says "Class tomarrow we are getting a new student, Miss. Kayleigh Jones, she is comming next week on monday morning i ask that we alll greet her nicly and take good care of her." Then i raise my hand and say " Mr. Sims?, Is it okay to Makeout with her in the closet to greet her?" Mr.Sims say jason, innaproprriat one more crack like that detention!" Just then the bell rings and we go to lunch.


Jake says "man that was genious what you said in Sims class today, with one week left we should do something fun." He means with one week left of school then summer break a whole 3 months of sex, girls, party, and um sex? We sit at our usal table it is usaly me, jake, john, shawn, brian, bob, ben ,nick, and mike. All good friends of mine.We eat lunch and then have our end of the day classes and head home.

Jasons Walk Home:

When I turn onto my street i see a big moving van but think nothing of it and go inside.

Jasons house:

My mom is sitting there and she says " Come here i wanna' talk to you" So i sit and say " what about?" she says" We are getting new neibors they have a daughter ur age and i want to go invite them over for dinner so put something nice on please" I say " mk byee now?" And i got up stairs to my room and lay down then get back up and go to the bathroom i think,"maybe she is a hot and likes to fuck....i lick my lips...i hope soo" So i go in and fix my hair and what not then i here my mom call "come on down were gunna go get them" i sigh and go down. We walk over and my mom has a cake. I saw " why in hell are you caring a cake?" she says "language! and its for the neibors!" we get there she knocks on the door it opens to a mid 30s woman like my mom and my mom says "Hi we are the neibors im Allie and this is my son Jason" The lady says " Hi! im Sam and one sec, Kayleigh get down here"she comes down and i see a fucking hot ass girl my eyes go from her face to her boobs, to her hips, to her legs, she looks at me and smiles and says "hey im Kayleigh" and wavess slightly i smurk and my mom says " Well we just wanted to know if you guys wanted to eat dinner with us tonigh" Sam says" Um sure we can do that what time?" "6:30?" "sure" " ill see you then we left.

Later that nigh at Dinner:

When Miss. Jones and her smoken hot daughter Kayleigh get here my mom sets the table and i sit down across from Kayleigh. My mom and Miss. J are talking it up so i decide to talk to Kayleigh. I say "Soo ur Kayleigh" she says " Thats me! Ur Jason right?" i say " Right so tell me about yourself" She says " Welllll im Kayleigh, from California we moved cuz my dads a acoholic, and there is this totally hot new guy as my neibor, (she smurks), And now you tell me about you" I have a small laugh and sayd "well im Jason, From Pittsburgh obvesly, my mom likes to be annoying, there is a hot ass girl as my new neibor, (i smurk), welll, thats me!" She laughs and then my mom and her mom come in and say "KIDS, KIDS, KIDSS!!!!" me and Kayleigh say at the same time " we are right here!" and the moms look at each other and laugh and give us the foood. We have Steak, Potatos, and Strawberrys, Mmm this will be fun. I eat my food im almost done now but Kayleigh is done. She throws an ice cube at me and then i look at her and say " why did you throw this at me?" she says smurking the whole time "know reason" then she picks up the strawberry and sucks on it and rubs her toungh all over it. I get a slight boner and take a deep breath then she fakely "drops her fork" and goes under the table picks up the fork and i here her laugh so i cover it she comes back up and say " wow ur really easy to work with" she is smurking. I say "Ha-Ha-Ha ur so funny but i WILL get you back!" she says "sure with a wink" After a few more miniutes of her trying to give me boners. She and her mom leave and i tell her" im gunna get you back" She walks right past me smacks my ass and says "sure good luuck kid" i say" why is it okay when you smack my ass but when i smack urs im a perv?!?" she says "cuz!" and then walks out the door.

Later, Later that night:

I spend about 2 hours thinking about this girl. Do i "like" her? i dont know but i cant like anyone im "Jason fucking Realse" i am a player! Oh welll i think and sigh and finally go to sleep.







Welll that was the first chapter, they will get better!!!! i promiss! did you enjoy? Leave a comment and tell me what to change, keep the same, or if you like or dislike it!! Thanks for reading!!! <3 you all:)

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