Twenty Six: Battlefied [Part Two]

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DISCLAIMER : Now this is going to be very deep and I want to guys to do a few things. The first thing is I want to guys to take a deep breath before reading this because it's s very emotional chapter . Second thing is please please don't rush the chapter because when I wrote this I literally used my all to write this chapter because what happens in this scene will leave people either Angry,Shocked,Confused etc

Third thing I want you guys to read this story with the music I'm going to give you below or a choice of your own because it will really help you get into the vibe of the story and the emotions .

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I hope you enjoy this chapter .


Chapter Twenty Six: Battlefield [ Part Two]

Skylar's PoV

Zayn pushed me back harshly not wanting them to see me . Tyler and Avan were immediately by his side as they blocked me like a shield , My heart was beating so fast and my breathing was unstable . I was so scared .

They were here ?

I thought they said the planned this out ?

I held Zayn's hand trying to keep my breathing at a normal rate but it was no good . I shook violently as my breathing was hard to control .

"Well it has been a long time " A heard a man say. Nobody said a word. The leaves rustles through the ground and the Tree swayed back and forth . It was pitch dark , the only source of light was the half moon that was out .

" I believe you have something which isn't yours ? "

" How about you get out of our way ..then everybody's happy " Zayn said , Anger clearly evident in his tone while the man just laughed.

His voice is familiar I thought to myself.

"Oh but I do love a good fight Zayn...We all know that " Nobody replied to him . " I see you've brought your family this time....The full Malik clan "

I watched as the four of them stood their guard . None of them moved or said a word to him . The tension was so clear you could cut a knife with it .

The man started to take a step further .

" A rumour has been going on....that a certain someone is back from the dead " He kept moving forward as Zayn held me tight . I was so scared that this man would take me away from them but I knew Zayn wouldn't let that happen.

"And I couldn't possibly believe....a rumour as rich as this could ever come true " His voice came closer and closer as the four of them stood their ground .

I tried to step back but Zayn held my hand .

"I had to see it to believe it " He said stopping from his tracks .

" Bring her to me "

"Over my dead body " Zayn snarled at him as the man chuckled softly .

" Oh Zayn dont be such a pain " He cooed. I noticed Zayn's free hand was in a fist . He was ready to fight him .

"You must be f-cking crazy if you think I'm handing her to you " Zayn continued to the unknown man .

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