**Niall: Its time to get up, in the morning.

Louis: In the morning.

Niall: Got McDonalds breakfast for you.

Liam: Just for you.

Louis: or any other brand..

Niall: we drove 2 miles just to get it.

Liam: So you better get up and eat it.

Liam & Louis: You don't wanna be a selfish lazy (crazy)boy.. (Harry)

All: So we gotta get up!

All: (get )Time to get up!

All: Its time to get up!

All: its time to get uupp.


All: Its time to get up!***

I hit the alarm. yes this is what i wake up too. hey dont judge here. their voices are ama(zayn).

Uhh now to get ready for school. After getting dressed, grabbing an apple for breakfast, I head to my car and drive to hell aka school.

High school hasn't been my favorite place. Why? Well who wants to wake up super early, go to a place where everyone either tells you what to do or judges you. After go home and do homework. Ewww..

Shaking my head and going back to reality, I find a parking spot (ITS A MIRACLE)! and walk int hell. Everyone is talking and laughing with each other while I pass them and go to my locker.

You see, Im a loner. Im not like the other girls. Hell I think I should've been born a dude. My everyday outfit consists of a t-shirt (either of a band or a superhero) with worn out jeans and my favorite shoes- my worn out converse. I only have one friend. His name is Parker. He has shaggy brown hair, a tall skinny build and glasses (he reminds me of Carter from A Cinderella Story). We've been friends forever and tell each other everything.

Anyways, as I get the books from my locker I decide to look around and notice how divided this high school is. You have your geeks, your nerds, (apparently there's a big difference), your nice guys, your nice girls, your bad boys, your bad girls. Of course the bad boys wanted the nice girls for their virginity. It was the worst thing ever.

One time there was this girl named Jenny, one of the nicest girls, who had a huge crush on this model and the "it" boy of the school Liam. Liam didn't even know she existed. Anyways, Liam's best friend aka the bad boy in our school, Aidan, decided to "help her". Long story short he took her innocence, left her naked and alone when he was done with her and told the whole school about it as if it was a joke. The thing is Jenny was the nicest girl you would ever meet. Plus she was religious and wanted to save herself for marriage.

After that passed around the school, Jenny was never to be seen or heard from again. To this day, no one knows what happened to her.

The bell rings and I jumped and shuddered from remembering that event. With the books in my hand I start to run to class because ofcourse it is on the other side of school. I was not paying attention to where I was going and bumped into someone, dropping all my books. (how cliche). I quickly bend down and start grabbing my books. I stand up and face who I bumped into.



Any guesses to who she bumped into?

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