Her explanation only further puzzles me. "Why does he want me locked up? I don't get it." This is super weird. Lock up his own girlfriend?

            Stella rolls her eyes playfully. "Maybe it's a game of his."

            I purse my lips at her choice of words. "Just make sure he comes today. I'll be up all night if I have to."

            Without further ado, she ends the conversation with, "See you later, Aurora!"

            What is the matter with Brink? Why is he acting so strange? Locking me up in this cage for who knows what reason is bizarre.

             I'm not sure what my expectations were for today, but they were certainly higher than what I've experienced thus far. As I stare at the piercing white walls in utter silence for hours on end is nothing but pure torture. I need to see him. Sitting alone in here with nothing more than my crazy theories is doing me no good.

            He could be busy like Stella mentioned, though I don't know what could be occupying his time to the point of not visiting me for this long. Even if he were packed with tasks, that doesn't explain his reason for keeping me in a cell. Why couldn't I have just stayed in his or Stella's room?

            Stella's acting odd, too.


            After about three painful hours of contemplation, a female Programmable enters my room, stating its reason for arrival is to "check my vitals." Other than the headache I felt earlier, I feel fine.

The minute it opens my cell door, a plan fires up in my head. I'll seize its key card and book it out of here.

I watch the Program robotically reach for its tiny zipper pocket and pull out its card. After sliding it along the lock, I push open the door and snatch the card from its metal hands. It's evidently caught off guard because it freezes in place, unsure of what to do next. Meanwhile, I run to the front door and swipe away at the card slot. I shove the main door open and sigh with relief when I'm freed. But now that I'm out, I'm stumped as to where to go.

Left for the laboratory, or right to his personal office? I ask myself.

Perhaps Brink isn't in either, and he's in the Surveillance Room, viewing tapes. Unless of course he's in the meeting room, hanging out with the others, not busy at all. The choices are virtually endless.

            I decide on going right to his office because he tends to be there most of the time when he's not with me. If Stella was telling the truth about him being busy, he'd undoubtedly be there before the lab.

I bump my way through the sea of Programmables and end up at Brink's door. I slide the card, scan my hand, and type in the code. The door unbolts and I shove it open. Before I'm in view, I hear his voice. "Yes?"

            When I reach the main area of the room, I pause. He's at his desk, staring at a holographic video in front of him, and has yet to lift his eyes and notice my appearance.

            "Program, please state your ID," he states flatly.

            I'm offended he hasn't looked up once, so I decide to be crude. "ID number 12435."

            He grimaces at whatever he's refusing to stray his eyes from, and mumbles, "That's Aurora's..." His eyes flicker to mine and his entire body straightens in his chair. He quickly powers off the video he's watching and stands. "What are you doing here? How are you out?"

            His abrupt questions slam hard at my chest. "Why'd you lock me up in the cell?" I ask, avoiding his questions altogether. If he wants me to talk, then he has to first.

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