Taurus: Into The City (Chp. 3)

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Chapter Three:
I sat alone in my room, thinking to myself. Ash was going to be special in my life. I just knew it. I decided it. My mind grasped upon the thought. He was a mystery. And where did he get his nickname, Ash. Then, Zara walked in.
"Something's on your mind." She said. I was sitting on my bed, starring at what was outside of the window. "Yeah." I replied. "What is it?" Zara asked as she came and sat on my bed. "It's a guy I met today. Ash is his name. Something's..." I paused. "Different about him." I finished, as I got up and walked in front of the mirror.
"I have to see him again." I said. "Zoelle! You cannot just go around and track down some 'mysterious' guy you have a crush on just because you think he's 'special'" Zara explained with a powerful hint of anger I'd rarely heard. "Okay, hold up. First of all, I do not have a crush on anyone, and I never will. Second of all, your not in control of me. No one is." I replied while putting supplies in my small black leather bag. "I want answers. When I want answers, I get them.".
"Yeah, whatever. Your not invincible, Zoelle. And I'm worried about you..." Zara explained. "Yeah, well don't be." I replied, pulling the bag over my shoulder. Then, I opened up the window and slipped out. Just before I closed the window, Zara said "You know what? You're not going alone. You're not the only daring one around here.". Then, Zara climbed out of the window with me and shut it behind her. "Let's do this" I said as we started down the alleys and into the city.
As we were walking from the dark alleys, the cities lights were blinding. The city buzzed with even more life in person. "This is amazing!" Zara exclaimed, gazing around in awe as if she had never seen people and technology before. "Yeah, I guess it is." I added. We walked into a whole other world as we walked from a world in the shadows to a world with many possibilities and persons. I could feel a thin sheet of the chilling evils within the city on the surface of my skin, but also a heavy layer of goodness on the surface of my skin. Maybe there is some good in this world. I just haven't found it yet. It's hard to find in the mist of evil.
"So, where do we start, and what are we going to do?" Zara asked. "We're going to explore every inch of this city until we find him. I know he's worth the trouble. Soon, you'll know too" I explained.

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