Chapter 12

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Camila's pov.

"Where are we going?" I asked Y/n for the millionth time since we got in the car. I heard her laugh since I couldn't see her cause I was blindfolded.

"Please tell me." I begged. "We're going somewhere you don't know. There I told you." She teased. I rolled my eyes at her. Oh wait she can't see me the little shit.

"I won't stop bothering you till you tell me." I told her pouting. "You sure about that." I can hear it in her voice that she was smirking. As always. "Try me." I told her smirking back.

Thats when I felt her hand on my knee. She started from my knee to my thigh. Her hand rising higher and higher. She stopped at the top of my thigh causing me to moan, only then she moved her hand back to the middle. And kept it there. "You tease." I glared at her. All I felt was her warm hand on my bare leg. Why did I wear shorts.

For the rest of the ride I kept quiet, taking in the warmth of her hand. It feels so good. She took her hand away and I almost started crying with the lost of her contact. "Hear put these headphones in." She said handing me her headphones.

Not being able to see her made me realize how sexy her accent is. But now I can't hear her or see her. I felt the door shut and mine open. I felt the wind blow into my face. She took my hand and guided me to wherever we're going.

We walked for about 5 minutes and stopped I smelt the beach. She took out my headphones and I can hear the waves. Then she took off the the blindfold. I looked at her then at the water. I then turned my head to look at her again but saw her walking towards a tent. She's so romantic. I laughed. Walking away from me.

I ran to her and she took my hand as we walked to the tent. She opened the zipper and it was beautiful. There were lights decorating around the tent, her computer sitting on a little table, and a bed. Oh and also pizza.

"This is beautiful." I said smiling at her giving her a kiss."Thank god. I wasn't sure not all girls like camping." She said putting my arms around her neck and hers on my waist she looked down at me. "I love it more than I love you." I smirked at her. "Oh really." She said smirking back. I stopped smirking and moved in to give her a kiss. Our lips were centimeters apart and I ran away from her.

"Camila what the fuck." I heard Y/n yell laughing. I heard her running behind me. Within seconds she was already behind me. Fucking lacrosse. I looked back and saw her smirk and wink at me. She picked me up and kissed me. She's always so cheesy.

The kiss started to get heated. She picked me up and put my legs around her waist and started walking towards the tent. When we got in she laid me down on the bed. Not once breaking the kiss. We started taking each other's clothes off. 

She laid me down on the bed gently and put a condom on. She looked at me worriedly. "Are you sure you want to do this." She said nervously. "Please.'' I said looking in her eyes. She was hesitant at first. I felt her slide into me. She's so big. I winced and a couple tears fell out. 

"Do you want me to stop?" She said panicking. I shook my head no and she kept thrusting into me. The pain stopped and it started to feel better. No it felt amazing. 

Our bodied felt perfect together. This wasn't just sex no. It was love. My body felt amazing. "Fuck I'm close." She moaned into my neck. That was hot. Hearing her moan. We both came together and she collapsed next to me.

"That was amazing." I told her blushing into her neck causing her to laugh. "Not that bad Cabello." She said smirking. We both got dressed she brought clothes for me from her house and laid back down watching Netflix. And eating pizza.

"I love you Cabello. A lot." She said smiling. "I love you more." I told her kissing her cheek. "Don't even try shorty you know I do." She said blushing. Y/n L/n just blushed because of me. We continued watching Netflix for the rest of the night cuddled together.

A/n sorry babes this is short.

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