Chapter 7 - Blackout

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We had been driving for hours now. The street lamps were.. oh yeah, it's a freakin zombie apocalypse, there aren't any freakin street lamps anymore. The sun was getting low on the horizon. I was starting to get worried. "Say, Becca, why aren't there any zombies?"

"They come out at night."

"Then what the HELL are we gonna do in about half an hour?"

"Drive faster."

"Now that actually makes sense." I said as I put the pedal to the metal. We sped down the freeway. Twenty minutes later, I missed the turning. I reversed back and pulled into the exit. We drove through the junction and into a hole. Yep, a hole. Well, it was a ramp into a hole. Once we were in the hole, the roof closed up and lights flickered on to reveal a tunnel.

"Just drive forwards until you see a car park." I sped forwards about a kilometre and the car stopped working.

"What the hell.." I said as I stepped out of the car. I inspected the bonnet. And then I heard a zombie right behind me. I turned to it and it took a slash at me. I died in that very spot.


I lifted my head off the steering wheel. "What the hell.." I muttered again.

"Oh SHIT. This is NOT good." said Becca.

"What happened?" yawned Saul.

"That was a blackout. We blacked out and we stopped. We saw what we thought was reality but it wasn't. It's the zombie's best way to set up an ambush." she explained.

"Then we're stuck out at night and they can kill us easily.." I finished.


"Well I'm glad you're both getting along nicely but when the hell will I get some lines?" cut in Saul.

"Calm down Hudson, you'll get a whole chapter soon." Then I cut back into the plot. "So what now?"

"We need to find somewhere light to stay. Now!!" exclaimed Becca.


I lifted my head off the steering wheel. "Oh shit."

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