07 || A Friendly Stranger

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Khushali couldn't sleep the night. She was continuously tossing and turning on her side of bed. Sidharth's strange behaviour seemed to have disturbed her a lot. She wasn't irked or upset with his aloofness but was worried for him as he looked quite in distress ever since those mysterious calls started coming for him a month ago.

After they both had coffee which Sidharth made for them, Sidharth excused himself and went to his study while Khushali took rest. A couple of hours later, she was called down by Mehar for dinner. When she went towards the dining area, everyone was there except Sidharth and Arhaan. 

Seeing their absence on the dining table, Khushali asked Kavya, "Kavya where's Arhaan? He was here only a while back when I came downstairs to get water. And even Sidharth's not here?"

Her queries were then answered by a hesitant Kavya, who told her, "Uh actually Bhabhi, Sidharth Bhai is helping Arhaan in one the new projects that our company is going to work on. So they both have gone to meet a couple of people."

Though Khushali could sense something unusual in Kavya's tone, she brushed it off thinking it to be Kavya's tiredness after all they all shopped for almost six hours. Khushali didn't ask anything further after this as she felt Kavya not really being herself.

Arhaan and Sidharth returned back after some twenty minutes and everyone had their dinner then. After their dinner, when Arhaan and Kavya were leaving for their home, Khushali saw Arhaan and Sidharth again talking about something in hushed voices, this time Kavya too was there with them.

She could make out that whatever they were talking about, was very serious and there was this hint of fear and uneasiness in Sidharth's body language and he seemed tensed. Khushali not wanting to eavesdrop their conversation left to her room and decided to call it night. Sidharth too came and lied on his side of bed and drifted into deep slumber.

Khushali not being able to sleep due to all the things going on in her mind. Why were they talking in so hushed voices? Normally whenever Arhaan have any problem regarding his business deals, he would talk with Sidharth and Aditya so casually and openly but today he too seemed stressed. 

And Sidharth, he told her in the evening that it was just work stress but never in these five months of marriage was he this much stressed about his work. Something was really wrong or was she over thinking? Whatever it is she wished it get fine soon. Because this tensed look doesn't suit Sidharth. I really want to see her happy go lucky Sidharth back to his normal self!

My Sidharth? When did that happen?

While thinking about this, Khushali had no idea when she had turned herself towards Sidharth and was facing a sleeping Sidharth. When she finally realized this, her hand was caressing his forehead which had a few creases. She then looked at him and saw how peaceful and calm he looked after she caressed his forehead. She smiled to herself seeing his cute looks.

She kept her hand on his cheeks and caressed it softly while thinking how unpredictable life is, as she never knew seven years back, that she would end up being Sidharth's wife. It seemed so weird and strange that seven years back he was just a stranger for her and now he was her husband. Life surely is weird! She recalled how they met each other for the first time, seven years back ...

It was her elder sister, Meher's wedding to her college time boyfriend Aditya and Khushali was having mixed feelings. She was very happy for her Di who was going to start a new phase, a new chapter in her life but at the same time she was sad because she would miss her Di.

"Who will cover up my pranks now? Who will take me for shopping? Who will give me weekly treats now? Who will get me chocolates now? Who will save me from mom's scolding?" Khushali sniffed dramatically saying all this. She was sitting with Meher in Meher's room.

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