Black Water (Chapter 10)

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The next morning I was woken by my usual alarm: Spanish singing. Jez was in the shower with the radio singing along at the top of her voice, badly. I yawned and flipped my duvet off. The Montana sun was already shining through our closed curtains, I decided today would be a hot day. So I grabbed a vest top and a pair of three quarter length jeans, before banging my fist against the door to let Jez know it was time to hurry up. Jez's version of hurrying up is at least an hour in the bathroom, so I flipped on the vampire diaries while I waited. Once I had managed to get ten minutes in the bathroom, we rushed out of the room. Having to skip breakfast because of lateness is a regular occurrence in my room.  So we rushed to our first session of the day. Spanish.

"What the bloody hell's happening?" I asked as Jez and I turned the corridor to find ourselves at the back of a very large none moving crowd.  Jez shrugged her shoulders standing on her tiptoes to see over the crowd. "Can you see anything?" I asked her, Jez was lucky she was tall.

Jez shook her head. "Nope. Just a bunch teachers trying to get us all to move back." Jez said. We looked around trying to find any of our friends. People were pushing and shoving trying to move backwards and forwards at the same time. We weren't going to get through to Spanish any time soon.

"Kitchen?" I suggested to Jez, she nodded. We headed back through the school to the student kitchen. Cameron was already there talking with Darcy and some other people from our class. I walked over to them while Jez went to get a can of Kas Mas to drink. I hoped she wouldn't notice the missing six pack.

"Any idea what's going on?" I asked as I sat down next to them.

"New student," replied Cameron, "A seven year old Earth elemental who doesn't speak a word of English."

"Let me guess, she lost control of her powers and has ended up doing something stupid," I said. It happened to almost everyone in the school. Well, certainly all the elementals. As kids, we can't control our feelings, and scientists working in the school found a direct link between our powers and feeling, a fact that's really bad news for keeping the existence of our school a secret.

"The entire languages block is filled to the brim with ivy; the kid, Mr Joy and another member of administration are trapped in the centre," a girl called Mary explained.

"Guess that means no Spanish then," I said trying to sound disappointed before bursting into laughter. Spanish was not my favourite.

"Simplemente voy a pretender que no oyó que," Jez said walking over. I stuck my tongue out at her. I had no idea what she said.

"Translation if you please Miss Jezebel," Cameron said lazily.

"I said I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that," She repeated in English. "Honestly it's not hard to speak another lang..."

"...Says the person who's been speaking it since she was three," I butted in. Everybody laughed and Jez crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out.

"So what are we going to do while they sort out the language block. Trapped head teacher equals no punishment for skiving," I said with a sly grin on my face. In case you were wondering, no, I am not a model student. Far from it. But hey! All work and no play.

"Way ahead of you there," Darcy laughed. "Kayla and Jeremy are out rounding everyone up, while Elle is currently stealing the key to the gates so we can get the cars out." I clapped happily in response, the gates were always locked for students throughout the weekdays and normally the gate keeper - a good for nothing lay about with zero useful abilities- forgets to unlock it. On a plus if the gatekeeper wasn't such a lay about it would be much harder for Elle to steal the keys.

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