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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 27 ~ Trip Pt.1

The sound of my ring tone woke me up. Dragging myself up I stuffed my hand underneath my pillow and pulled it out. 

Eli was calling me. 

Maybe it was by accident, I mean it was 6:42 on a Monday morning. Why the hell was he awake? And why was he calling me?

 I picked it up. 

"Hello?" I cringed at my morning voice.

"Hi, did I wake you up?" he asked. 

"Yeah you did actually," I smiled, yawning. 

"Oh sorry, it's just that we are coming round to get you at half seven, Landon said that I should call you now to give you time to get ready."

 "Wait what?" I asked rubbing my eyes and sitting up in bed. "Why?"

"We're going somewhere," he said. 

"But what about school?" I asked bemused.

"You don't have a choice Coral, not my idea."

"Why do I have to come? And who's choice is it?" I questioned.

"Walter's," Eli avoided my first question.

"Okay," I sighed. He wasn't going to tell me any more. "Where is Walter?"

"He's in the shower, I have to go. We'll be outside your house."

I frowned, "Okay then, bye."

How strange. 

I crawled out of my warm bed and rubbed my shoulders. The snow had gone, but it was still cold this morning. I had forty five minutes so I decided to take a long shower and straighten my hair. I didn't do it often, but Walter played with it so maybe he would like it a bit longer. I dressed into some tight fitting jeans and a long sleeve top. Then on top of that I put on another jumper and some boots. I had ten minutes left so I had some coco pops and orange juice. I decided to call Hayley to let her know that I wasn't coming to school today for a reason I didn't even know. Well what Eli had told me.

"Oh alright," Hayley sighed. "Do you want me to say you're off sick?"

"Yes please. Hey are you okay?" I asked. She sounded upset. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No Coral, not you. It's just....nothing, I'll see you later." Hayley's voice cracked.

"Hayley, whats the matter?" I asked, clutching the phone to my ear. "No secrets right?"

She sighed again, "Mum and Dad are getting a divorce."

I gasped. "For sure?"

For the past couple of years Hayley's parents had been arguing over money and blaming each other about so many things. We never thought that they'd actually progress into getting a divorce though. That was certainly unexpected. 

"Yes Coral, for sure. There's no going back!" she snapped. I wished I was with her, to tell her that everything was gonna be okay. 

"Things will work out Hayley, it will be okay," I said quietly.

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