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Hey guys... Assalam Alaykum !!

So this is my first Muslim story that I'm doing.

I hope you all like it please don't forget to vote and comment and share.

Just a little something before  you start.

This is a Muslim story based on different cultures and in this story the Pashtun culture is shown. For those of you who don't know what the Pashtun culture is; I think it's important that you research about it. This book isn't like any other book you've read. You're going to read about people from different culture and religion ( for those that don't know about Islam and the Pashtun culture) so I kindly ask you that you respect people's beliefs and faiths. I've had many many people having fights and arguments about the culture and the religion on this book and honestly I'm having none of that.
If you are being:

- Racist and making nasty comments
- Mocking some of the  beliefs
- Or generally being ignorant.

Then I'm sorry but this isn't the place for you. If I see any of the above honestly I'm going to report it. There are going to be some things that you won't agree with and that's  fine, everyone has free will but I think there is a huge difference between free will and ignorance.

Lastly and most importantly, if you don't like the book don't start posting comments on my wall, or message me about How stupid you think this book is  'cause mate no one is forcing you to read it.If you don't like it. Don't read it.  Like I said everyone has free will.

On that note ( I hope I've not scared you all off). I hope you enjoy the book.

All rights reserved. None of this work can be reproduced or transmitted in a any way or form be it electronic, mechanical or without full express permission from the author.
Being said that the author of this book explicitly does not own the rights to image on the book cover and in the chapters. All credits go to its rightful respectful owners.
Basically please don't copy this book in any way or form because that is illegal and it's a crime if you do and it is out is punishable by law. All rights reserved to the author of this book Your_Amazyn.

None of the events that take place in this book are real. If any of this books characters,places and events or incidents resemble to anyone living or dead it is purely Coincidental.

Cover by the amazing Zammurad

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