Chapter 1 - •A Year Later•

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1 Year Later

It's not what you think.

Usually it's like "1 year later they both forgot and started hating on each other" or "1 year later they were complete strangers."


One year later... It's like this

"Hey Chloe I'm here! What movie do you want to watch?" Grey asked as he plopped down the couch beside me

"The Theory of Everything" I grinned and showed him the DVD

"Ugh" he groaned dramatically and lied down on the couch, his head falling on my lap "You're such a nerd. What's wrong with you?"

"Hey! That movie is commented a nice one from people who actually watched it"

"That's the point. People. People who are nerds enough to watch those kinds of movies"

"Come on Grey" I pushed his head off my lap and smiled. "Please?"

"I hate you, you know that? Your pretty little pouty face gets me everytime" he pouted and crossed his arms like a little kid

"You love me" I made kissy faces at him and he rolled his eyes, pushing my head away using his large hand

"Yeah whatever set up the DVD already"

"Alright, chill out" I commented standing up to set up the DVD

"I'm getting the popcorn" he simply said before standing up to go to the kitchen and get some popcorn

1 year later it's practically the same. We're still the closest friends and we're still the inseparable best friends.

But as I said, it's still the same.

We're both still strangers in school. He has his own set of friends and I'm still with Trixie and Lily, being watched over by him secretly.

I know what you're thinking. Why don't you ask him then on why he doesn't talk to you in school?

I have actually tried that. Well not exactly. I kind of like try to bring up the subject about our friendship in school and he'd always get moody and change the subject. So I'd drop it and try not to talk about it again. Maybe it'd ruin our friendship if I try to push it further. So I just leave it that way.

You'd do the same if you were in my place.

"Hey I've got the popcorn." I snapped out of my gaze and turned my head to see Grey sitting down on the couch and plopping the bowl of popcorn on his lap

"Great" I chirped and plopped down beside him, pulling the duvet up to our chests.

He ate a piece of popcorn before wrapping an arm around me and pulling me closer. This gave me the chance to snuggle up beside him, my heart beating up in an abnormal pace. Damn kid.

"Mm barbecue flavor." I smiled after tasting one of the popcorn "I thought you liked sour cream?"

"Well your favorite is barbecue so that's what I decided on" he shrugged

"Awww baby boy" I cooed and kissed his cheek playfully. I'm quite used to doing that since we kiss each other's cheek anytime whenever we feel like it

We're best friends. It's normal.

"Ew" he faked gagged and wiped his cheek with the hand that was wrapped around me so he basically pulled my neck closer for him to reach his cheek

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