Chapter one

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Chapter one

"And so, Kouen Ren decided to unite the world, just like the first emperor, Hakutoku Ren... Now, this wasn't an easy task, for, as you will learn more about later, the fourth prince, Hakuryuu Ren, believed the Kou empire was rightfully his..."

"God damn this is boring...We know! Fucking learned this back in fifth grade or something...Who cares about what happened hundreds of years ago?"

"Neah, do you have something you'd like to share with the class?"

"Nope." Neah crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair. The entire class stared at her.

"Then perhaps you'd like to continue the lesson yourself, if you already know what happens?" Her history teacher crossed his arms as well.

"Sure!" Neah smiled sarcastically and stood. "Haku-whatever decided the stupid empire was his so he split the empire in two and caused some civil war."

"You're forgetting a very important part, Miss Andon." The teacher sighed and began his lesson again. "Now, another motive for Hakuryuu Ren was that he believed Gyokuen Ren, his mother and the third emperor, was the one who'd murdered the first emperor and his siblings, Hakuyuu and Hakuren. There was also some belief that Gyokuen was a member of The Organization, or better known as Al-Thamen..."

Neah stopped listening again. She couldn't care less about the past. But that was a lie, she did care. She envied them. Neah looked around the room at the other kids heads. She couldn't see any of their faces from the back of the room, but she knew they all enjoyed learning about Al-Thamen. Their cheery, white, rukh pisses me off. She scowled and backed her chair up to rest her feet on the desk, her kombat boots getting dirt on her papers.

Her teacher, Mr. Hutchinson, cleared his throat angrily, "Miss Andson... Why don't you pay the office a visit and explain to them why you're incapable of remaining in the classroom?"

Neah rolled her eyes and stood, "Yeah, whatever, douchebag." A few students chuckled.

Neah took her time walking to the office, not wanting to deal with everything that would happen. Sorry I don't like hearing the same damn lesson over and over. She knew the gist of what happened. After everything with the Kou empire, every last member of Al-Thamen had been defeated. It was a long, destructive battle that left most things in ruins.

Neah silently wished she could've been there in that time. She didn't understand why the school would teach them about the magi, magicians, and djinns with their metal vessel users, if none of that existed now. Once Al-Thamen was no longer a problem, the non-magicians decided that magicians were too dangerous and that this world didn't need them. Magician after magician was killed until none were left. Metal vessels were taken from their wielders and destroyed. All this and yet, the non-magicians couldn't stop the creation of magi. They'd stopped magicians from being born, a -as they called 'simple'- genetic mutation. But never magi. Instead, every time a child was born and they were suspected of being a magi, they were promptly taken from their family and killed. The MWS had a way of telling who could become magi, though. Only relatives of the last magi from the 'Old Days' could become magi.

And somehow, I survived. Neah sighed. She knew 'they' couldn't have killed all those magicians, and destroyed metal vessels. She knew djinns wouldn't be destroyed easily. She was sure that 'they' were keeping them somewhere. Performing experiments of some sort. And she was going to get to the bottom of it. It was wrong that people just like her were being locked up, tortured, tested on, and more. While normal people lived life believing they were 'safe' and that doing that was the 'right' thing to do.

'They', mainly being the group of people who originally started killing the magicians. The Magic-Wielders Subjugation Organization. Or MWS for short. Those who continued Kouen Ren's 'legacy' and united the world. They have bases everywhere, making sure no magician or magi are born. There's one nearby Neah's school, the main building of them all, where she believes all the djinn are kept with the magicians. She vowed to someday break them out and free her fellow magicians. It was only her right as a magi to do so.

In the principal's office, Neah sat across from the male and rested her legs on his desk. "Miss Andson, if you would please remove your feet from my desk." He always believed being nice was the way to get through to her.

"Why should I?"

He sighed, "Why are you here today, Neah?"

"Hutch is an asshole, why else?" Neah looked around the plain room in boredom.

"You can't keep disrupting the class. You're here to learn, not fool around. You wouldn't act like this in front of your parents, would you?"

"Dunno, they're dead." Neah removed her feet and played with his name plaque. It read: Mr. Black. "Can I go now?" She put it down and looked at him.

"Yes, alright. Head to lunch, the bell will ring shortly." She was in the office so often that Mr.Black didn't even care to discipline her. "Just stop acting out, you've already stayed back several times... I'm sure you don't want another year of twelfth grade."

Whatever. Neah thought as she walked to the cafeteria, hating that he had to mention how she'd redone twelfth grade so many times. Neah was nearing her mid twenties now. She took her place away from everyone else. She didn't want food.

"So, do you think Neah's eyes are really red, or that they're contacts?" A girl from a grade below Neah talked with her friends a table over.

"I don't know... They could be real, I mean, some people used to have purple hair!" Her friend spoke back.

"True...There used to be those scary Fanalis, too."

The Fanalis, another group of people wrongly locked away for their strength. Neah tried to block them out, but was unable to. She looked around, disgusted at the white rukh flying about everywhere. My rukh has a much prettier She thought about how Mr.Hutch would never mention it, but Hakuryuu Ren was also fallen into depravity. Neah found it funny, stupid prince thought he was going against his mother, when in reality he was doing just as she wanted. Now, though, no one was 'fallen'. Another thing MWS changed. Another thing Neah defied.

"Hey, Neah, are you going to prom this year?" A guy suddenly sat down beside her with a lunch tray.

"What?" Neah looked up at him with a confused expression.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me." He continued.

"Hell no. Fuck off, idiot. I'm not in the mood for your stupid games." Neah glared at him.

"Geez, you're even more sour than I thought!" The teen shook his head and stood, calling to his friends as he walked back, "It didn't work! She's truly a bitch!"

Neah rolled her eyes and stood, leaving the cafeteria. Deciding she didn't care about going to class, she instead left the building, surprised when the main entrance doors didn't go off. I guess this school's security is just as horrible as I thought.


Author's Note-

Hello! This is my third magi fic, and I'm really excited to share it with everyone, so thank you for reading/commenting/voting! I should upload a chapter every day unless I'm busy c:

Also- this kinda has spoilers for the manga? Not really. Just takes place after the Civil War, although the manga is going in a much different direction than I thought when I started writing this xD

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