Chapter 26 "Confession"

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She stand up and closed the window and the curtain. And sits down again facing away from me.

"You should always close this. God knows who can see you while you change. Be more careful for fuck's sake." She says lecturing me.

"Sorry." I only say. I start to put clothes on. "By the way, why did you come here?"

"I told you I needed to see you." She says.

"Well, you could've just waited for me to go out or just told me your here. No need to freak me out or anything." I mumble.

"Wait? Again?" She says giggling. "You know how much trauma I got from waiting for you?" She teases me. Im relieved she could joke about it. It means we are fine.

"Sorry." I say but smiling.

"You know? I might need a fucking therapy after that!" She says humorously serious.

"Awww you poor thing" I mock her.

She shakes her head, "Everytime I sit in my car It feels like you're making me wait for nothing all over again." She sounds real serious but put in a slight laugh.

"I'm really sorry about that Abbie. I didnt mean to put that on you." I say apologetic.

"No no no! Its fine. It was stupid of me to not listen to your explanation. I am stubborn you know?" She says with guilt.

"Okay. Lets just forget about that hm?" I say to her not wanting our topic to linger.

"Okay" she agrees and sighs. She sounds unconvinced that I already forgave her.

I'm fully clothed now and I sit beside her as I put on my shoes. She truns to face me and she watched my every move. I act like I dont know shes staring so she wont be disturb. I want her to just stare at me. I want her to see only me. Though this is making me blush.

"I'm sorry for making you cry" she says apologetic. I stopped tying shoes to look at her and meet her eyes. She looks really sorry. And I dont want her to feel bad anymore coz right now Im happy

"Its fine really." I say with a smile

She nods and smiles finally accepting it.

But I frown.

"Whats wrong?" She asks panicked.

"There is one thing I cant forgive you for doing that night." I say seriously.

"Shit. What?" She asks scared.

"You killed those perfect doughnuts!" I say cant help but release a smirk.

She hits my shoulders. "Dont do that to me! Oh my fucking God!" She acts as though annoyed but she is smiling. "We can get some fresh batch? We could go get some now?" She asks convincing me.

"I would like that. But maybe after.... this gig." I lie. I dont know why but I somehow dont want to mention Donna in our conversation. Besides. It was a white lie.

She nods. We were silent for a few seconds while I finish tying my shoes.

She looks like she wants to tell me something. Something I cant read. She is unusually fidgeting.

I stand up and looked at her smiling.

"Do you want me to drive you there?" She asks

"No!" I say quite sounding panicked. Ugh.she looks at me puzzled. "Its just close and fast. I wont be gone for too long." I give her an assuring smile.

"Seriously? Like, you're making me wait for you again? You're gonna give me some kind of a phobia or something!" She says joking the last part and looks down.

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