Chapter 26 "Confession"

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She laughs like it was a ridiculous question. "No. No. Sorry. I was just smiling. Thats why I didnt say anything. Sorry." She says kindly.

"God! For a second there I thought ... I lost you again" I said while lowering my voice at the end.

She laughs a little. "Retard."

"Retard" i say much sweeter.

"Your face is gonna break you know?" She says serious

"What?" I ask still smiling.

"Coz I can see you smiling like an idiot." She teases me.

"No I'm not!" I exclaim still smiling and trying to hide my giggle because she was right.

"Stop blushing." She mocks me with her confident voice.

"Shut up." I say coz I have nothing brilliant to respond as I sit down on my bed.

"Stand up." She commands me oddly.

"What?" I say so dumbfounded from her command.

"Its not everyday I see you in a towel you know." She mocks me but thats just made me so confused. I didnt answer her. I was just smiling for a reason. "Stop smiling" oh my god. Can she see me or that was a wild guess?

"You're freaking me out" i whisper as I look around the room. I open the closet.

"Gosh! Summer. You think I'll fit in the closet?" She laughs hysterically.

"Okay. This is just straight up creepy." With serious tone.

She laughs. "Look out the window." She commands me again.

And when I looked. She was there. Just a few feet away while leaning against her car, smiling and waving. My heart dropped as my mouth drops too.

"Oh my God." I say as I clip my phone between my ears and shoulders to open up the window.

She walks closer and hangs up. I throw my phone to my bed and looked at her agin as she approach me smiling. I cant believe this.

"W-why are you here?" I ask stuttering as she arrives infront of me. Just the frame of the bare window as our distance.

"I needed to talk to you. And apologize. Donna told me everything and I feel like sh-" i cut her coz her voice sounding apologetic is more than enough. I didnt need to hear her explanation. Hell, i didnt even need to forgive her coz I never was mad at her.

"Its okay!" I say laughing. Im just happy.

We look at each other smiling like both of us knew how much we missed each other.

"You do realize you're still in your towel." She breaks our silence and smirks.

"Oh shoot!" I tried covering my self with my hands for no particular reason.

She laughs. "Its not like I've never seen those before." She smirks and ny cheeks burn up again. Something that I'm still not used of when I'm with her. She laughs again.. "I think I can fit in this window. Move back" she says and I complied.

She tries to come in head first and barely even fitting her self in. I help her while she struggles. Finally she pops inside and drops on the floor.

"Geeeez! That was some ninja shit" she exclaims out of breath. I just laugh. She sits on my bed side.

"I'm gonna change." I say shyly as I make my way to my closet. She retains her stare on me. "Dont look!" I squeal and turn red and she laughs and turned away. "No peeking" i murmur.

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