Chapter 46: Dark clouds ahead part 2

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Katy's P.O.V

I was on my way to the field for lunch and stopped by my locker to dump the books I didn't need. I saw Jade going through hers which was a few down from mine and I studiously ignored her while I opened my locker.

So Reed had finished talking to her about their 'homework', I could smell a lie a mile off but I'd decided not to question him on it. There was no point getting in to an argument with him over nothing.

I saw her move towards me from the corner of my eye and turned to face her, she spoke before I could tell her where to go.

"He's going to be mine you know?"

I admit I was a little taken aback, she had never been this confident in front of me before now. This is where her real personality would shine through.

I kind of wished that Reed would be here to see it too; maybe he'd rethink the whole 'give her another chance' crapola.

"I won bitch, he doesn't want you"

She leaned forward on her heel "Oh really? Is that why he's been texting me for the past few days?"

I wasn't going to let her split us up "Jade you're so full of shit your eyes are brown, stop wasting my time" then I turned to go but she pulled my shoulder roughly, spinning me around to face her.

Man she was stronger than she looked, I shrugged her off roughly "Don't touch me" with a scowl.

She looked calm when she said "Reed's only with you because he thinks you'll kill yourself if he doesn't"

I shook my head at her; it was sad really "You have no idea what you're talking about skank"

Jade smiled, she knew that she was getting to me "He doesn't love you he wants me. He texted me last night telling me that we'd be together behind your back"

I was furious but I refused to react, she was lying, I knew it but it didn't make things any easier.

"Is that so? If what you're saying is true then why are you telling me?"

She lifted a slender shoulder "I thought you had a right to know"

"You're sick, you know that? Reed wasn't texting you last night because he was with me you bullshitting liar" I grimaced; she sounded so sure of herself it was pathetic as well as slightly disturbing.

"I'm not lying, he was" her brown eyes were wide as she said it.

I stepped towards her slowly, good she was still scared of me, and my steps were so slow that I could see her hands shaking.

I would have laughed if I wasn't so angry

"That's not possible because I was in his bed with him. Naked. All night so I know you're lying, if I were you I'd turn around and walk away. We can pretended this conversation never happened"

Mom had let me go to Cass's house for an hour then I'd told her that I was staying the night; instead I'd gone to Reed's. She'd called me twice and each time I felt like yelling at her to leave me alone. I think she knew that I was lying but she never called me up on it.

By now I was right up in her face, due to her being vertically challenged and me being in heels, I towered over her.

She didn't move away which was a big mistake on her part.

The smile was gone from her face and her lips were quivering weakly "He feels sorry for you, that's the only reason he did that with you" this time I did laugh however it was short and humorless.

"You mean have sex with me? You can't even say it. You know what's more pathetic than trying to split us up again? It's that you think Reed even sees you in that way"

She'd winced at the word 'sex' but now she stuck her pointy chin up "Of course her does, I don't dress like a hooker" gazing pointedly at my outfit.

Ok I admit that my top was a bit too revealing for school but in my defense I'd barely had time to throw together an outfit this morning, and this had just happened to be the first thing I pulled out of my closet.

Reed hadn't taken his eyes off my chest all morning so it had its bonuses I guess.

"Ok I am losing all patience with you and you won't like it when I snap" she should have backed away right then, even I don't know what I'd do when I lost it.

"Reed thinks you're crazy and he's not the only one"

"That's it Jade, you asked for it" I said in a pleasant tone, she blinked at me before I grabbed a handful of her hair.

Next I pulled her head back and punched her clean in the nose, it hurt so much when my fist connected with her face.

"Ow shit!" I cried out in pain

Jade screamed so loudly I swear the whole school could hear and put a hand to her nose which was bleeding furiously. It dripped down her hand and all over her shirt.

I was about to leave her when she pushed me down to the floor and sat on me, pulling my hair so hard it felt like she'd rip it out

I was too surprised when she pushed me down to do anything at first, this was one of the rare times I hated my long hair.

I grabbed her hair too and pulled with all the strength I had, she screamed again "Let go, you're crazy!" her voice came out very muffled, like she had a cold ad I heard people shout above us.

"Girl fight!" was the loudest, all I cared about was getting the bitch off me and she was getting her blood all over me.

There was only one thing I could think of so I lifted myself up and head butted her. I felt a sharp pain in my forehead and groaned, clutching my head. It went away after a bit of blinking and I turned to see Jade clutching her head in her hands, crying.

I pushed her down and held her in place, she squirmed and tried getting away but I held her down by her arms and my legs were over her lower half.

"I swear if you ever go near either of us again you're dead. Do you hear me Jade?" she was there crying and shouting at me to let her go.

I pushed her down harder "Do you hear me?" wanting her to answer, she was crying too hard she was choking on the tears.

Next thing I knew I was being pulled off her by Stanley and another teacher I didn't recognize. I didn't fight them because I was done with her.

"Miss Ellis in my office, now" Stanley said in his no nonsense voice and began dragging me away.

I noticed the amount of people that had witnessed me snap. All of them had seen me act like the crazy person Jade claimed that I was and what if Reed thought so too?

I didn't believe her about the texts but maybe she'd been right about everything else.

"There's nothing to see here" the other teacher said as I was herded off.

"Aw! Come on that was nothing!" some kid yelled, I couldn't see who it was.

Before we turned the corner I looked behind my shoulder to see the teacher helping Jade up and handing her a tissue.

Stanley sat me down in his office and called my mom without letting me explain what happened. He probably wouldn't have believed me anyway.

My hand hurt, my punch had been sloppy and I now had a headache too, it would only get worse when my mom got here.

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