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-A week later-

Kalolaine POV
"She's a good girl, she's daddy's favorite, she knows she will make it, she's good a-" i click the snooze button for my alarm yes it is "good girls by 5sos" and I am not ashamed the fact I live for that song. I got up and checked the time it was exactly 6:07 a.m. 'what the hell am I doing up this early' I said to myself. I went to bathroom brushed my hair, curled it, and but it in a high ponytail. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and went to my closet to pick out an outfit I dont really like to wear makeup alot only for special occasions if you are wondering.

Since today was free dress (wearing whatever we want to school day) i decided to wear (all outfits on top) after that i did a quick mirror check went downstairs and got a text from jennifer-

J- come outside I am here with Kimberly and Jocelyn we are gonna get something to eat and we are gonna pick up Marina also
K- ok I will be there in a sec

I quickly went down and got outside locked the door since my whole family went to work. I got in the car "hi" i said smiling they all greeted me back "So, what exactly are we gonna eat" Kimberly said "cafe not in school but you know the one where everyone goes to after school that one" jennifer said (jennifer's mom is driving us btw) "oh......... ok" kimberly said and we giggled. We got to Marina's house.

Marina's POV
I got out of my house and waited for like 10 seconds and saw Jennifer's moms car pull up I smiled and went in the car and greeted everyone. -during the car ride- "Am I the only one not dressed like you guys are cause you are like wearing you know" I said they all laughed we got to the cafe we said my to Jennifer's Mom we could walk to school so she didnt have to stay.

We all ordered sat down and ate, we talked about random things until we saw..........

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