Chapter One

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A scrunched ball of paper hits the side of my head before toppling to the ground

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A scrunched ball of paper hits the side of my head before toppling to the ground. I glance to my right to see my friend, Kyle, cheekily smiling.

"If you don't stop dreaming, you'll drool on yourself." He chuckles.

I lean over the desk and grab the paper ball. When the teacher isn't looking, I toss it back. The ball hits Kyle's shoulder before falling on the ground.

"Don't be jealous, Kyle, that shade of green isn't flattering on you," I tease.

"Red isn't your colour either," Kyle grumbles.

I shoot Kyle a glare before the thought of him draws me back to my subconscious. The mood is ruined, but I still like the idea of my daydreams. Until then, I've got another five minutes and a short car trip with Kyle until I'm free.

Kyle recoups the ball from beside his shoe to throw at another student. When it hits the girl, she turns around and scowls at Kyle. I feel sorry for the poor soul but also relieved that he's turned his attention to someone else.

Since the illusion is shattered, I settle for listening to what the teacher is saying. He's explaining a math equation written on the whiteboard behind him. There are many hand actions, complicated terms I don't understand and a language that might not be English.

When the siren blasts, I grab my textbooks and jump to my feet. I follow Kyle out of the classroom and grab his arm before he wanders into the crowd.

Kyle hesitantly swings around to face me. There's a dark swirl of anger in his brown eyes that sends a shiver down my spine.

"Are you still giving me a lift home?" I nervously nibble at my lip.

The anger from his face disappears the moment his eyes catch my slightly chewed lip. A soft smile appears as he nods his head.

"I am, I wouldn't expect you to walk home in this weather," he explains.

"Thank you! It's forecasted to rain and I don't want to get sick." I wrinkle my nose.

Kyle tugs his arm back, then disappears into the cluster of people mingling around. He's always made fun of me for liking Blake, but today he seems off about it.

I walk towards my locker which is located behind the science block. When I get there, I shuffle along a group of students lazing against my locker. They quickly scurry off with annoyance clearly plastered on their faces.

Grabbing the metal lock, I leisurely put in the combination before opening the door to collect my belongings. As I reach for the notes shoved at the back, someone taps on my shoulder.

My first expectation is to wait for them to ask me to move, but as I turn around, I see Kyle standing there with a cheery smile.

"Are you ready to go?" he questions.

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