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Hello lovely people! I am awake at 2:30 in the morning so I think, Hey! Why not update? So here I am. This was requested by SirenOfTheRebellion so I hope you enjoy~

"Do you have it Bella?~" Luciano asks from the other end of the phone.

"Yes, I have it." You say, carrying a backpack full of blood pouches. "Just like I promise."

"Molto bene Bella! Bring it to~a my house so I can~a get to work." Luciano said as he hung up

Your deal with him was rather simple.

First off, you worked at a hospital.

Second of all, Luciano kind of owns you. He tells you to do whatever he wants and you do it. You don't do it? He kills you.

Third of all, you always sneaked home bags of blood for his special pasta sauce.

You didn't really mind working for him though. He makes sure you don't get hurt by others, and he's nicer to you than he is nicer to his other servants.

You walk into his house silently, passing a few maids on the way and go into Luciano's office, bag over your shoulder.

Luciano grinned and took it from you, setting it on the desk and looking through it. "Eight bags. Perfect~"

He patted you on the head lightly before unloading the blood bags and handing you your book bag.

"Am I free to go?" You ask, brushing some hair behind your ear.

"Not quite yet. You see, I have~a tasted so many people's blood, except yours bella~" He mused as he turned to you.

That made you nervous and take a step or two back.

He just smirks as he cups your chin with his index and pointer finger and swiftly cuts your cheek.

You yelp at that in pain and could feel the red liquid ooze out and slowly poor down your cheek.

He licked it away and got a very satisfied look on his face. "You taste~a amazing bella. Almost as~a good as you~a look."

You blushed at that and placed your fingertips to your cut cheek, it warm from both your blush and the heat that came off of Luciano's tongue.

"S-so, am I free to go n-now?" You ask softly.

"Only if you come~a back later." He says as he sits on his chair with a smirk.

You nod and quickly head out, a small shy smile playing on your face. Did he admit his feelings?

Luciano smirked a little. "My Bella ragazza, My beautiful girl~"
Yay! I got it done but its short ;-; I sowwy But anyway, I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to leave a vote and a comment and check out my other books!

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