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Lauren feels weird waking up in the following day. She's 19 now and even though it doesn't change anything, Lauren felt tingling. The memories of last night flashes through her mind. The soft plump pink lips pressing on to her cheek. Even though she has to wait for the supermodel, she's willing to wait her until she's ready. Her fans might go crazy right now since she keeps tweeting about the mysterious girl invading the superstar's mind

She gets out of the bed and make breakfast for her best friends. She puts advil in the coffee table then make some bacon and eggs for her and Dinah while she made Normani her famous diet drink. She feels one of her bestfriends groan in pain and she know instantly it's Normani. "Fuck my head feels like a truck hit me" Normani said closing her eyes

"Here. There's advil for you in the table and do not drink all of them please? I got one bottle left and Dinah need it too" Lauren said giving Normani her diet drink on the table. Normani frown and look back to see Lauren's in the kitchen

"Laur where's my-"

"I got it Mani don't worry. Diet drink and soy wheat bread. I'm making it and would you mind waking Dinah up?" Lauren said back from the kitchen. She hears the black girl said a tiny 'ugh' and groan while she wakes up the Poly girl

Once the three of them are awake, they eat their breakfast in silence. Dinah and Normani's still hung over. Today, Lauren wants to explore the city. She want to ask her best friends to come a long but it seems like the Poly and Texas girl is wasted as fuck yesterday she decided not to ask them. Lauren said they could stay in for a week since Normani didn't plan on going back home

LA's chill in the morning. The bright sun is blasting through the city and Lauren didn't know where to go. Once she stepped out of her car, paparazzis are swarming to get a picture of Lauren. Lauren didn't mind posing a little besides she knew this is going to happen when she's a superstar

Lauren open the door to Walmart. She's just going to buy a drink and some gum to chew, since she ran out of gums. She sips on her drink, pay up, and went outside. She's walking for a while when she found a talented singer singing in the streets. He had his mike with him and his guitar plugged. Lauren smile looking at him. He didn't even notice she's there because he's too busy enjoying the song he sings. Once he's done with his song, he open his eyes and gasp in surprise

"No way dude. You're Lauren Jauregui" The guy exclaimed. Lauren smile

"And you're..." Lauren trails off

"I'm Mark. I'm one of your biggest fans. I know you get that a lot but you can even quiz me if you want" Mark said eagerly

"Okay let's go on the basics. What's my real last name?" Lauren ask smirking

"Easy. Morgado" Mark said scoffing

"Not bad. Okay carry on. What's my favorite color?" Lauren ask

"Anything dark like black and grey. Oh and red. But like dark red" Mark said

Lauren claps and laugh. She didn't expect this guy to know anything about her. She thinks he's just that kind of interviewers who said they're her "biggest" fans. But he really is and Lauren felt guilty for underestimate him. "Last one" Lauren said

"C'mon Lauren give me a hard one" Mark said whining

"Okay you want the hard one? Who are my 3 top best friends?" Lauren ask. Mark scrunch his eyebrows together and smirk

"Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, and.." Mark said trailing off

"Yeah i never mention my third best friend i'm just joking with you" Lauren said nudging Mark in the arm. Mark blush deeply

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