Chapter 24 "Unexpected"

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"I wont break it. Trust me." I say assuring her.

"Okay. Bye." She says.

"Bye." I say then we hang up.

I feel so bad. Coz everytime I talk about Kyle she sounds hurt and annoyed. I wish she would just tell me why. I dont want to assume but maybe she's jealous -more than a friend.

I sigh. I should stop assuming.



Abbie hasnt texted yet and I dont know what to say to her. Good thing the time of this gig was coming to an end. We were done singing. All there's left for me to do is go and see Abbie. I dont want to be late. I want to make it up to her.

So I approached Mark (my gig finder/band member) and asked him if I can go.

"Oh sure.." He says. "Someone is actually waiting for you outside" he smirks.

I smiled larger than I can coz I thought Abbie would just be wait for me at the cafe like she said. I felt giddy all of a sudden.

"Oh! Thank you Mark! Bye!" I say happily as I skip out of the venue.

My happiness quickly burned down to confusion and disappointment when I saw its Kyle's car. And Kyle is beside it.

I approach him and he sees me. He looks serious.

"Whats wrong?" I ask when I arrive infront of him.

"Babe. We need to go now. Something happened to Abbie." He says and went to open the car.

I felt my body grow cold and stiff but I immediately went inside.

He started driving. I felt so worried I cant stop tapping my fingers on my legs and biting my lip.

What happened to Abbie? Is that the reason why she is not texting me???

I keep thinking.

"Kyle what happened to her?!" I ask sounding panicked.

"I dont know." He says. He seem like he's not so worried.

More minutes passed or maybe an hour, i look outside and I dont know where we are exactly.

"Where are we going?!" I ask realizing we are not heading at Aunt Deb's house, Donna's house, Kyle's apartment or the hospital.

"Its far." He says. He still sound indifferent about this and I just have had enough.

"What the hell is wrong with you!!?" I ask louder than I expected it to come out.

He looks startled and nervous.

"I-I.." he starts but doesnt know how to continue. "Well. S-Summer. Calm down." Nothing really happened to Abbie." He smiles at me that just made me more angry.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" i ask so annoyed and loud.

His smile is still there that is just making me want to shout at him more. "God Summer. Calm down. Abbie's fine. I just used her name. We are going out of town for a date." He smirks. If he thinks his smiles is just gonna fix things, he is wrong. Its making everything worst.

"That is not a great joke Kyle!!!!!" I yell t him. God Im so angry right now.

His smile is gone now. "Babe. I'm s-"

"NO!! that was a stupid excuse! You shouldnt have used Abbie's name!! Cant you see I was too worried that it might kill me and then you just watched me suffer in concern!?" I say so angry at him. This is not excusable.

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