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"(/)!" My Dad howls.

"Coming!" I rush to find a bookmarker.


Forget it. Page 284, page 284. I try to drill the page number in my head as I dash down the stairs.

"Here now!"

"Yes sir!" I turn a sharp corner, my socks make it all the easyer for me to slide and fall down. Luckily, I do not.
"Yes dad?"

"Who is Donatello?"

A wide smile spreads across my face. "A friend..."

"Just a friend?" He lifts an eyebrow while I fidget with my fingers. Automatically telling him that I either have something to hide, or that I am nervous. In this case it's both.

"It is a possibility."

"Who wants to go on a date with you? I don't think he wants to be JUST friends."

"Hey, anything is possible." I say, he glares at me than sighs. "At least he called, right daddy?" I try to 'butter' him up.

"You will always be my little girl, even when you get married I -"

"Woh, woh, woh. Getting your self a biiiit toooo far ahead of ya self. Don't ya think?"

"Just set up a day when I can give him the talk."

"THE talk?"

"Yes, THE talk."

"Oh brother." I face palm my self.

"I just need to ask him a few - questions...."

"Aaaaannndd my life is now officially over."

"If a guy is to scared to have a decent man to man convocation with me; than he is not worthy to have you as his bride."

"There you go again." I role my eyes than head up stomping up the stairs.

"I love you!"

"Blah. I know! That's why it's so scary!!" I bay out to him, then slamming the door behind me. Smiling again, I hold the cell phone close to my chest and slide down the door.
He said yes. He actually said yes!

*texts start*
'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Guess what! Guess what!
*texts end*

~30 minutes later~

I'm laying on my bed, with half my bodxy hanging off. All the blood rushes to my head. Ughh! What is he doing!? Than all of a sudden, my phone rings. And who is it? None other than Donatello Homato. I answer it.

"You know what o should have done two hours ago - complain. I should have complained two friken hours ago!!!"

An unfamiliar vioce fills the phone line; with an, accent?
"Who is this?"

"Umm - the question should be, uhhh.... Who are you?!"

"I am a - friend of Donatello's."

"Right. How do I know your not a guy who had taken his phone?"

Then there was pause, I can hear the phone being passed around. Short bits of the convocation can be followed until I hear a nervous laughter.

" Umm. Hehe? Auuu. (/)?"

"Are you OK? Your not hurt are you?"

"I'm fine, its just my brothers."

"Oh... Well I feel awkward."

"It's fine, sooo."

"Guess what?"



"You have to guess."


"I may be able too!"

"To what?"

"Go on a - d-date with y-you..."
There is a pause of silence, than there is a sudden outburst of loudness.

"Hallelujah! I'm going on a date with (/); I'm going on a date with (/); I'm going on a date with (/)! No eating here tonight. Woo! No eating here tonight. Woo! No eating here tonight, ya on a diet!!"

"Hey! You can't tell me that! I ain't Eva neva going on a diet without pizza!" I'm guessing that was Mikey.

Don returns to the phone. "Please tell me that was muted."


"So you heard me?"


"Can we pretend you didn't??"

"Let's agree to disagree."


"Come over in what... 20 min?"

"Make it five."

"Will do."

Hanging up the phone I close my eyes. Then my eyes flutter open in realization.


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