Distant Echo - Prologue

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Hello lovelies :) well this is my first time EVER writing a story so I hope I do well and you all enjoy it. Comments and suggestions will be appreciated so I no how I'm doing so far. Well I hope you like this story. xox





That's all I could hear. The endless taunting and jeering of the same word, being drilled in my head over and over again. I could not move, I could not see. I just sat there with my eyes closed, the darkness pouring in me. As I squinted my eyes shut, little stars started to form all around me. I imagined being one of them, floating around enveloped with tranquillity.

It’s my entire fault I realised. If only I was normal, if only I had the capacity of an average teenager, if only I didn’t always bring grief and sorrow to my family. Why couldn’t I live a normal life? Is that too much to ask for? All these questions began to eat me up inside causing a headache to begin.

 As I opened my eyes, I could still see the same little stars hovering around. Suddenly, I became tired. I rested my head back onto my knees, bundled up in a tight ball. My eye lids became heavy. Just a quick nap, that’s all I need, a few minutes of sleep. Hopefully if I do manage to sleep I might not wake up. It will do this world a great favour. After all, my existence in life is worthless…

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