Chapter 2: Fallen Again

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The night was still, and an eerie chill pervaded the darkness. The moon was but a sliver this night, sharing little of its luster, though the stars shone brightly in the clear sky. As the evening droned on, the crickets' chirping was the only sound, save the quiet speech and shared laughter of the two young men sprawled in the back seat of a faded 1976 Chevy Impala convertible.

"Whoa, man, I swear that star just winked at me," Gary said.

"Sure it did, man. Sure it did," Jimmy said, "and that cow over there just gave me the finger."

"No really, I think it did! And cows don't have fingers, dork. There it is again!"

"Yeah, yeah," Jimmy said, chuckling. "Just pass that joint, will ya?" Jimmy's eyes lazily rolled over the pasture on the other side of the barbed-wire fence as he held out his hand for the rolled joint that never came. "Dude?"

When he looked back over to Gary, the young man was up on the back of the car with his eyes cast to the sky. Jimmy followed his gaze, seeing nothing. "Come on, man. Just hand ov... Whoa! That star just winked at me!"

"I told ya!" Gary exclaimed.

The two young men stared up at the sky, their intrigue sobering them somewhat. The star they were watching winked again and shone with a faint tint of color.

"I think it's moving man," Gary said.

"Man, stars don't move." Even as he said it, Jimmy swore he saw it as well, and then he realized their mistake. "No, man, it's just getting bigger!"

The star swelled before their eyes, growing brighter yet darker at the same time. It was as if its light shone more radiantly, but it was a darker light than the white glow of the stars around it. Soon, it had become a miniature sun of broiling illumination. The night sky took on a dim amber glow as the star's light was cast upon the world.

"Okay, now it's moving," Jimmy admitted. "I think it's a meteor, man!"

The young men continued to follow the meteor's fall as its momentum seemed to pick up, a shooting star that set the night ablaze in its luster. Only it didn't burn up as any other shooting star would. It expanded until it became evident a dark sun fell to the Earth.

"Dude, get the keys!" Gary shouted. "We gotta follow it!"

The men scrambled into the front seat and fired up the car, tearing onto the dirt road in the direction of the meteor's fall and kicking up a massive dust cloud in their wake. Dust that gleamed with the reflection of a now brilliant dark amber light.


The blazing amber sun struck the ground and exploded in a flash of light that ignited the sky for miles. A wave of energy rolled over the plains, reaching the horizon, yet there was no physical impact. There was no aftershock and no crater left in its wake as it landed in the large, grassy field and its light faded from the world.

Only a beautiful, naked woman.

Her eyes closed as she steadied herself, and she felt the tremendous residual energy from the fall cascade over her skin and ebb away. When it fled her, she was here alone – whole. She looked at her hands, judging their size and shape, and brushed her long, blonde hair from her face.

I did it! she thought.

She fell to Earth from the Astral Plane and avoided being placed in a woman's womb to endure another birth, another innocent childhood until her inevitable awakening. If what she learned was true, the number of archons who achieved such a feat throughout all recorded history could be counted on one human hand. Had she failed, it would have set her back several years, waiting for her consciousness to awaken and the memories of her former life to return to her.

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