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Sergio pov

I took the ball outside and we we're just playing around. It really cleared our head and we forgot about the stupid voice, test and the people that are observaring us. It's still scares the crap out of me.

'Please enter inside for the new test.' The voice returned.
'Uggh.' Isabella mumbled. I chuckled and took the ball with me. When we walked inside, the while empty room changed into a climbing park or something. We're footballers, not damn monkeys.
The real-made mountains are so freaking high.

'You can already tell what you two are going to do.' The voice said.

'Oh hell no. I'm not going to do that.' Isabella said.
'Why not?'
'I'm afraid of hights.' She said.
'Me to.' I whispered.

'We have set special clothes for you.' The voice said.

'When can we shower?' Isabella asked.

'When this test is done.'

I groaned and get myself ready. I walked back and saw Isabella struggeling with her jacket. I helped her and zipped it. She mumbled a thank you and walked away. Maybe I was to close?

'So you two need to grab the four red flags that are sepperate in the whole room. You can't touch the ground and it needs discipline and teamwork. The one that touched the ground first, is going to shower with cold water.

'What.' Isabella voice squezed. 'This is unfair.' I gasped. These people really know every little details about us. I hate to shower in cold water, and I can guess that Isabella doesn't like it also.

'You two have 15 minutes, if you don't make it in the time you both going to shower in cold watter.'

'You've got the be kidding me.' I groaned.

'Oh and one last thing, if you fell or touch the ground. You can't help the other anymore so the person needs to finish itself. You both can start at your possition and the time starts in...'

I quickley ran to a possition and took Isabella with me. With no protest she let me and we waited for sign.

'Time starts now.' Was the last thing the voice said.

I climbed above and the worst of all, the things where we can hold on and lean our foot on are to small. So one wrong move and you fall.
When I reached to the first stone where you have place to stand or sit. Isabella pushed herself and climbed towards me.
When she stood next to me, i could hear her hevy breath.
'This...is...torture!' She said between her breath what made me chuckle a little.
'The red flag is there. We need to hurry up because there are three more.' I said. She nods and looked at the red flag.
'I will get it, but you need to help me.' She said while grabbing my hands. I thought immediatly what she ment, i placed my hands together and she puts her foot in so she could reach the red flag.
I helpen her getting up, and when she almost fell i grabbed her by her butt.

'Don't touch my ass!' She screamed. 'But your going to fall.' I shouted back.
She groaned very loud and finally reached by the red flag.
I helped her getting down and she throws the flag on the ground.
'Three more to go. Stupid test.' She mumbled.

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