You Fight A Racist Boy

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"Hey girl." Jasmine said smiling. Jasmine is my best friend. She has always been there for me. I love her so much. "Hey guh." I said. She sighed and pursed her lips. "You know that racist ass white nigga?" She said. I nodded. "Yeah Brandon? That's his name right?" I asked. "Girl yes. He said some bullshit this morning in the cafeteria. He was like niggas ain't gon be shit. Then Justin got up and said you ain't gon be shit if you keep talking. The whole cafeteria said ohhh. I was like damn white boy! Then Brandon got up and was like what the fuck you gon do nigger lover? And then Justin got up and casually walked over to his table. Then he said beat your ass. That's what ima do. Then Brandon laughed and sat down. I like that scary nigga!" She laughed. I laughed softly. "Damn i miss a lot when I'm not at breakfast." I said. She nodded and giggled. "Oh shit there he go!!" She said. "Who Brandon or Justin?" I said not turning around. "Justin!" She whispered yelled. I stay put and acted like I was doing something in my locker. "Hey Y/N." Justin said putting his arm around me. I made the same face Jasmine did. "What do you want lil wigga?" I said. He chuckled. "I like that. But walk and talk with me lil mama." He said. I gave Jasmine the face. "I'll take your stuff to class boo." She said snatching my stuff and running to class. I growled under my breath. "Ugh fine. Come bitch." I said walking away. He grabbed my arm and put me back in his. "Listen. I know you love me. But I love me too so you're not alone." He said. I groaned. He laughed and put me against the locker. "I'm just kidding little shawty. Buuuut I would like to make you mine." He said. I blushed deeply looking away. I did have a crush on Justin for a long ass time. Like since 6th grade. All of a sudden his lips were on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. How long have I wanted this moment? A loooooooooong time babe. "Awe how cute. The white boy and the nigger. Perfect love story!" Someone said. I pulled away from Justin to see Brandon. "Brandon you're getting on my last fucking nerves." Justin said walking toward him. "Stop Justin. He's not worth it." I said grabbing his arm. He looked at me and nodded. I then grabbed his hand started walking to class. "Yeah let your little bitch nigger save yo bitch ass! I hope she opens her legs for you too!" He yelled. I stopped dead in my tracks. "What did you just say?" I said walking toward him. Then people were in the halls because of his loud ass mouth. "I hope you open your legs for him too." He repeated smirking. Before I knew it my fist connected with his jaw. "You stupid motherfucker." I yelled getting on him and punching him more. Then I was pulled off my two guys. I was still kicking and screaming at him. "Yo ma calm down." I heard Ryan say. I then started breathing and snatched away from them. People were still ohhing and recording. I looked at Justin who was smiling at me and I started laughing. People looked at me funny. What I was thinking was funny as hell. I just beat that racist nigga ass.

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