Chapter 14. Luke Smith.

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Chapter 14.


You know I have been feeling great ever since I beat all those boys last week. I mean like come on I did pretty good, even though Jeremy was ready to kill me I knew that there was a hint of pride in his eyes. I mean yeah behind the worry and anger in his eyes but it was there, I seen it. Though I know he will never admit it me that he was even the little bit proud of me.

Though this last week has been pretty good. Jeremy and I have been hanging out more and going over to Keith’s regularly which has been really nice, we haven’t even been fighting, for nice everything was going good between us.

I kind of miss being around girls though, I mean I have mum but it’s not the same. The boys are good to hang out with but I miss hanging out with females in general. I miss Mel the most, even though I have been calling her every night for the past week, I still really miss her, talking on the phone to her just isn’t the same, sometimes you need people next to you. I needed her next to me.

“Angel I have to go to Keith’s I’ll be back soon” Jeremy said poking his head through our door. He looked worried.

“Can I come?” I yelled out to him as he disappeared.

God he is fast!

“No” He replied. I quickly jumped off of my bed and raced down stairs, by the time I got to the front door, he was in the car driving away.

Damn males!

“Hunny did Jeremy just leave?” I heard my mother ask from behind me. I quickly swung around to find her standing next to a pretty blonde girl. She was the same height as me, cake faced and wearing what looked like very expensive clothes.

“Umm yes why?” I said awkwardly looking between mum and the fake stranger. She was giving me the up and down look, or as I call it ‘the judgement look’. I am used to getting ‘the judgement look’ but something about this girl seemed very off.

“Oh Jessica here is an old friend of Jeremy’s” My mother replied smiling. Instantly I felt a jolt of jealously run through me, I have never ever been the jealous type, well much but right now I was really jealous, I jealous at the fact that this girl even knew Jeremy’s name.

Old friend aye? Yeah right princess.

“Oh nice to meet you” I smiled at her.

Play nice I said to myself, you might never have to see her again so just be nice.

“You too” She replied back with a big smile, too big of a smile if you ask me. It was creepy. Kind of like a chucky doll “I have to go but could you tell him that I stopped by?” She asked.

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