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“Charles… I haven‘t been completely honest with you…” Says a woman on the other end of the phone. It was midday, and the professor had plenty of other things he’d rather be doing than talk to his distant ex wife. “What are you talking about? If you wouldn‘t mind getting to the point, I have tons of paper work to do.” He retorted, quite bitter toward the woman. “Why would I expect any different. Always putting work before family-” “You are no longer considered as family, considering we‘ve been divorced for several years.” It had been several years. After the first couple years, one loses track of this sort of thing. “I… Wasn‘t talking about me-” “Than who are you referring to? We never had any children-” “That‘s what I‘ve called about…” There was a long silence before she continued. “I.. We… Do have a child together… And I think she‘s a mutant like you…” The professor was left speechless. “I would rather talk about this more in person Charles. So come to my house this evening, so we can discuss things further.” And with that, she hung up. Before he could think, he called a meeting for all of the Xmen to meet him in the living room using telepathy.

“What is it professor?” One of his students asked. “Well Scott… It seems that I have some business to attend too. And I would like to take Storm, Logan, and Jean with me. The rest of you will stay here. Mr. McCoy is in charge. This venture shouldn‘t take very long. While we‘re gone, I expect you all to be responsible.” Everyone agreed, then another student stepped forward to ask. “So like, what‘s going on professor?” “That doesn‘t concern you-” “No, it‘s quite alright Logan… They would find out eventually anyways.” He turns and faces his student Kitty, who recently asked the question, then the rest of his students. “I just got a phone call from my ex wife… And apparently I have… A child…” GASP!!! “What? But why would she hide that from you all this time? Haven‘t you been divorced for years?” Another student, Rogue asked. “Yes we have… For about eleven years now…” Little did the professor know, he miscalculated the years.

After little hesitation, they packed up and left on the blackbird in only a matter of minutes.

Ami’s POV

“ITS FRIDAY!” I yelled, entering my school grounds. 

“Good morning Ami-sama!” A girl a little younger than me stated as I entered the school. “Good morning!” I replied happily. I don’t know how or when it happened, but somewhere along the line I became the most popular girl in school. And I didn’t even try! I was always true to myself, and didn’t care what others thought of me. That is probably what it was.

As I took my seat in my first class, I was greeted by the mumbles of one of my best friends, Yuka. She has blue hair that really stands out, while I was stuck with blond. Her seat was in the way back of the classroom by the window. Mine was right in front of hers. “Good morning sunshine!” I yell, catching her attention and waking her up. “What‘s goin on??” She slurred. “Its Friday! So wake up! We never do much on Fridays so stop being a lazy bum!” I yell. She just rolls her eyes and slams her head back down. It grew silent as more students filled the classroom. My other next best friend, Tanoki, Brown haired hottie (lol) enters the room, and takes her seat next to me. “Morning!” She chirped. She was always a morning person, as was I.. Especially on Fridays.. And weekends.. “Morning. So. What are your plan‘s this weekend?” “I think I‘ll just work at my uncle‘s onsen. You‘re welcome to join me if you don‘t have any other plans. We always have fun at the bath house! Discount!” I smiled in reply. I was about to accept her offer, but I had a weird feeling… That I wouldn’t be here… Or anywhere in the area this weekend, or after that… I felt like I would be leaving soon, but I didn’t know where… This feeling.. Was strange, and had been bothering me for the past several days. I even packed all of my things up. “Well… I think I may already have plans…Though I can‘t remember what they are…” I trailed off, then started up again. “Hey, Yuka, Tanoki. Meet me on the roof for lunch today alright?” They both gave me a strange look, but nodded anyways. When I ask to meet them on the roof, I always have something important to tell them. That’s my way of saying ‘I have something important to tell you both’ without telling them straight out.

Lunch time came around, and we met on the roof as planned. No one other than us ever went up there. And that was really convenient. “So what‘s up? You‘ve been acting really strange lately… For the past month you haven’t been yourself…” Tanoki stated worriedly.  “Yeah, what gives?” Yuka added on. I took deep breath, then released it. “Alright… I‘m not sure how to tell you both this… But I think…I can tell the future.. And I can heal, along with manipulate through-” I was cut off by them both snickering at me. “What? What’s so funny?!” “You brought us up here for a laugh? Couldn‘t we have done this in class?” Yuka busted into laughter, as Tanoki was slightly snickering. I got frustrated. “Do you really think I would joke about something like this?! I WISH I were lying!” I yelled, on the brink of tears. “Never mind. I shouldn‘t have expected you two to understand…” As I turned to leave, they got serious. “Wait… You‘re… Not, joking?” Yuka asked. “Would I bring you both up here just to joke?” They both looked at each other, then back to me. “Well in that case..” Yuka started. “Tell us more.” Tanoki finished off with a smile. That helped me brighten up, and continue a little in disbelief. “R..Really?” “Of coarse! We wouldn‘t be best friends if we just left you to deal with this alone!” Yuka somewhat yelled. “Thanks…” I muttered, as we sat on the cold pavement below us. 

I told them about how I once controlled my mother’s anger, and made her happy for a whole week, which caused some laughs… Then I told them that I studied exactly what I needed to know to pass a pop quiz that not even the teacher knew about before class even started... Then how I healed a little birds wing when it fell from a tree. It was all interest and intriguing delight that rested with in their eyes. Then I had a really strong feeling,  and had to tell them about it. “I… I‘m not sure what it is… But I won‘t be in school on Monday. Infact, I wont be in town, for a really long time…” “What? But you haven‘t even finished you‘re college courses yet!” “I know… And I want to finish before I leave…I don‘t know why, but I know it‘s important… And I might be leaving tonight… I‘ll find out more as the day progresses, but I‘m not getting much right now…” It was silent before they both hugged me. “We don‘t want you to go!” Yuka states childishly. “I don‘t want to leave either.. But I have too…” 

“Well… We‘ll be here when you come back to visit.” Tanoki started, then continued. “You still have a college degree to earn in about four hours… Let‘s get to work!” Yuka yelled enthusiastically. “But… How am I gonna do that?” I questioned. “How much more do you need to graduate?” Yuka asked. I went deep into thought while looking up and tapping my index finger on my chin. “Well… I need three hours outside of class of practice or experience outside of school… plus volunteer work… And that’s for both dance and fighting all together…” “Well… You‘ve recorded your morning workout for future use already right? Along with your fighting montauges we made for fun right?” I nodded in agreement. “It took you more than two hours to come up with routines, then perform them. Plus, each routine is about an hour… Giving you a total of about six hours of practice.” “Hmm…. That actually makes sense Tanoki!” I somewhat yelled. “And you‘ve already done community service. You‘ve watched my little four year old sister on multiple occasions without pay, and you even taught her ballet last summer vacation. You‘ve got way over five hours there, and my parents will even vouch for you.” Yuka added on. “Well, it looks like all you need to do now, is complete whatever final task the coach gives you, and you‘ll be done!” I smiled as they continued. “We‘ll go talk to the coach and the administrators in the office, and get your grades set. Tonight is sports night, so you might have a lot to do, but should be graduated by the end of the night.” Tanoki and Yuka were the best. Even if they drive me crazy sometimes. “If you‘re both taking care of all of that, what am I supposed to do right now?” I asked. They looked at each other, then back to me. We still had about 30 minutes of lunch break left. “Well… There‘s a store down the street that sells our favorite ice cream…” Tanoki hinted playfully. “Peachy Mango for Tanoki and Mintiest mint for Yuka. Got it. Be back before you‘re both done-” “We‘ll be all finished by the time you even make it to the entrance.” Yuka bet. “Alright. Let‘s just see!” I laughed as I stood up, straightening my school uniform, then running to the store.


I'm just posting what I have of this story. I've noticed xmen stories aren't as popular on here as they were on quizilla. smh lol

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