Chapter 1

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"F/n, let's just talk this through ok? Everything is going to be -" that's when you hung up the phone. Your best friend, Eren was talking to you. You weren't really feeling were constantly depressed and things weren't really going so well in your life.
Your parents abused you and as soon as you were 18, you decided to move out. You were done with them hurting you 24/7. So you just recently moved into your new neighborhood. You didn't really know anybody.

Eren : Hey!!! Why did you hang up on me?!?!?"
You: I'm gonna go ride my bike. Be right back.
Oh ok. Text me when you get back.
Ok...see you when I see you.

You put your phone in your pocket, and with your earbuds in hand, you went into the garage to get your bike. You pulled it out and put in your earphones, listening to your favorite song.
You were thinking about ending your life. You were done. Done with dealing with your parents or your friends. Everything was just plain annoying.
Then, you looked around the corner and saw a guy....he had raven-black hair and was looking down at the ground.
You pulled up next to him.
"You ok?" You offered him a hand.
He didn't accept it, but sat up himself. "Yeah I'm ok. Just thinking that's all. I've never seen you around here. I'm Levi." He said extending out his hand.
"F/n. Nice to meet you." You said as you shook his hand and grinned.
"Nice to meet you too." His face was emotionless and his voice was monotonous.
"Well. I'll see you around!" You said as you hopped back on your bike and rose home.
When you walked through the door it was 8:00 p.m. that's when you texted Eren.
You: I'm back Eren.
You then shut down your phone and fell asleep, wondering about that Levi guy you had met today...

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