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you got your passion, you got your pride
but don't you know that only fools are satisfied?
dream on, but don't imagine they'll all come true. ❞
| vienna / billy joel |

--> okay, hi guys! this is the first chapter for Me, Myself, and You. i hope you like it. it's sorta long. the other chapters won't be as long, so i hope you continue reading after this one. :) love you all lots.



It still amazed me how people continued to adore me, even though they only knew the saccharine smiles and the fake personality I showed in public - of course, they didn't know that it was all fake. And of course, the truth about how I acted like a complete diva was spilled across the covers of pop culture magazines from time to time, and yet I still had a large fanbase. With the diva rumors, people usually said I was a nice person with a diva side, who was also a lowkey bitch. I agreed with that. It was probably the only thing that people got correct.

As my mom often said with a forced smile, it's a wonder. Even my own mother was all about the fake smile life, which was quite similar to the way all my family acted in public. But if I had to blame someone for molding me into the person I was, I would choose my mom.

Rich people were not usually shallow, but that was the factor that attracted my mom and dad to each other. Which was... strange.

Growing up in a big family of two older brothers, one older sister, and two younger twin brothers should have probably made me a kind and good human being. That may have been possible in another life, but judging by the way I acted in the life I had now, I wasn't sure if I was even going to be getting another one. My childhood had consisted of deceit, lies, betrayal, and pointing fingers at my innocent twin brothers, Jaxon and Logan, when I got into trouble. That was mainly why Jaxon and Logan had always grown up giving me glares whenever I looked at them.

And my huge pride, it was practically inherited throughout the generations of the Elingston family. The pride always came first, before anything. The saying that pride led to one's downfall seemed incorrect, based on how we all became successful.

While everyone around me fell in and out of love, I was the only one who remained strong and wasn't committed to a relationship. That was something I took great pride in, because I was never one of those heartbroken girls lying on the streets, contemplating what had happened to their lives.

If I had known that a certain boy with dark-brown hair that matched his eye color was going to be the first to ever make me want to break my independent streak for him - I would have avoided him like the way he'd avoided me. 


"Cherie," my manager, Ames, said, walking into the studio lounge. When she saw my frown, she hesitated before asking, "Did you hear about what happened already?"

"Of course I did." I sat up straighter and continued to frown at her. "No one informed me previously of this. 5 Seconds of Summer knew about it before me, Ames. This makes me question my management's skills."

Ames, who had been working for celebrities for over ten years, didn't show a flicker of emotion on her petite face. "Well, now you know. And Cherie, honestly? You wouldn't answer our calls for the past few hours."

"I was busy with Atticus," I said curtly, motioning towards my thirty-five year old producer. "I had to find out about the news from our water assistant, Ames."

Ames pursed her lips and met my hard gaze. "I apologize, Cherie. We'll just have to get you a phone assistant, too, I suppose?"

At some moments like this, I really wanted a more compliant Ames without a sharp tongue. But I knew that Ames was one of the best managers you could possible have in Hollywood, and I wasn't about to get rid of someone like that.

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