Stolen Kisses

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Sam: Huddled up carelessly on the back bench of the library, you twiddle your hair between your callused fingers in frustration. Your most loved and favourite character had just had his beautiful heart ripped to shreds (poetically) by his one true love in the new book you were reading.

You sigh out loud exhaling all the morose thoughts and feelings inside, and shifted your position ever so slightly.

"Well, Screw you" you whisper almost silently to the book. Sam appears behind you, wrapping his solid muscly arms around your petit shoulders, and nestling his head into the crook of your neck. You smile against his sweet stolen kisses, creeping slowly closer and closer to your mouth. You turn your head towards his, your hair cascading down your back like a waterfall as you move and for a second you simply stare at each other.

No words are needed to express what you feel. His smouldering gaze flutters down to your lips, closely followed by his own. His lips come closer, and move slowly against your mouth in a heated passion moved with love. After a moment, he pulls away leaving you breathless, and rested his forehead against your own.

"All better now?" he infers, a smirk etched on his beautiful face. You nod shyly and kiss him once more before contently going back to your book, a smile spread across your face.

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