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10 years ago

My parents left me in the middle of the park and I was playing with some spirits.

A man came and kidnapped me. He dragged me to the car and we went to an empty building.

"Please please don't hurt me."

"Shut up." He point a knife at me but I didn't get scared.

"What are you going to do to me?"

I could tell he wasn't really bad since there is a woman right beside him telling me that he is good.

"I am going to carve the words die on your forehead."

"If you do this your wife won't be happy." His eyes went wide.

"H-how do you I have a wife."

"My parents told you to do this didn't they."

"I'm sorry but I need the money to take care of my son."

"It's alright you can do it I don't want you to get in trouble by my parents."

"Are you sure but what if I'm lying."

"Your wife beside you told me."

"My wife is here where is she."

Since I know he can't see her so I told him what she said.

"She said that she loves you and next time don't get into these types of things if you need money."



He was about to cry but held it and he did carve it in my forehead cause now I know that my parents never loved me at all and never will as long as I am like this.

He finished and kept apologizing but I told him I will be alright. I don't know how but there wasn't much blood coming out but the words stayed there. I said goodbye to the man and told him he doesn't have to regret this and take care. I tried to cover my forehead with my hair.

I walked home and went to my room. I took some money and went to the mall by myself. It wasn't my first time going by myself so I knew where everything was and the employees knew me.

I went into a hat store and bought a cap and paid the cashier.

"Hey it's nice seeing you again."

"Hehe it's nice seeing you too."

"You are alone again?"

"Yeah my parents are at home."

"Tsk tsk you could get kidnapped and your parents would get worry."

"No they won't they don't love me and don't care if I die."

I walked away and went home.

5 years later

I moved away from my parents but never told them the reason. I have to wear a hat whenever and wherever I go.

I found out I am half demon. It is hard to explain but my half demon is himself and I am I. But we are 1 being or body. We both have different personality and different gender. He is a guy and his name is Hiro. We both can work together when we have to fight other demons or rogues. I also found out that my dad is actually my step dad and my real dad is a demon somewhere in the demon world. My mom and step dad have been sending demons to come and kill me.

Right now we are trying to fight high class level demon.

"You're suppose to kick in the head not in the arm."

"Oh I'm sorry I am trying not to get killed right now Hiro. You know you take over."

Hiro can possess me but not fully since he is my half demon. We switch when necessary but sometimes he would try and possess to hurt some humans. When I am back in control he would sometimes go out of me and become a spirit but we can't stay separated for more than 2 hours and if we do we both die.

When Hiro possess you see a tattoo like mark on my arms and my appearance would change to a guy even the private parts. My teeth grow sharper. My hair goes into a black with a strand of green hair and is short. The finger nails grow longer and my skin becomes more pale than it already is. Even though he possesses me the words on the forehead stay.

"Ah finally this is going to be fun." He hit it on the head and even cut it in the center.

"Hey wasn't that going overboard."

"Ah whatever."

Oh also when one of us isn't in control then we talk in our head but other people won't be able to hear us even if they can read minds.

I also found out I can tell if someone is a human, vampire, werewolf, demon, or even mixed. I just look at the aura around them and I can just tell if they are of royalty or not.


After the fight with the high class demon we met the demon king. He took us to his place where we met the vampire and werewolf king. They were different than you expected. They were all handsome but they were exactly the opposite of what people say in books. They were all nice and weren't evil at all.

After talking with them they trained me and Hiro at separate times since we can't separate. After three years we have to go to the school they own. I have to watch out since there is something evil lurking there and also I have to see what the vampire and werewolf sons are doing.

They also got me a house to live in. It is nice and me and Hiro can separate for as long as we want and Hiro isn't a spirit when we separate in the house. But if one of us leaves the house it goes back to being the time thing. My parents somehow found out where I live probably because of the gps on my phone. They send me money and letters telling me all these sweet things but I know it is a lie after knowing that they send demons after me.

I wore my hat (the snapback ones) since I have over 30 or more.

"Hiro it's time."

"Ugh let me sleep."

I kicked him off and force him back into me. I went to school by running and got my schedule. I already knew where every class is since they let me looked around before.

Oh by the way my name is Rose Lee and I am 18 years old.

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