His Old Girl

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She was staring at me. Bitch you want a picture? I turned away looking at Justin. "What's wrong baby?" He said putting his arm around my waist. "Your ex. She keeps staring." I said smiling. He looked up searching for her. Then he groaned. Guess he found her fake ass. "Listen babe. Forget about her. She ain't shit!" He said. I sighed and nodded. "I have to pee though." I said wiggling out of his grip. "Okay. Gimme kissy." He said puckering his lips. I pecked his lips softly. He then shoved his tongue into my mouth. "Justin!" I said pulling away. He smirked and smacked my butt as I walked away. This boy. I was walking into the bathroom when I was pushed. "Move bitch." Someone said. I turned around to see that bitch. "Excuse me?" I said. Have class Y/N. I said to myself. "I said move bitch. Did you not hear me?" She said. "Listen here you California groupie. I don't know what the fuck your problem is but you need to sit your fake ass Brazilian butt down some where. I have nothing against you and I have done nothing to you. I can't help that you couldn't satisfy him the way I can." I said smirking at the last part. Then she swung at me. Those 5 years of karate really came into help when I dodged her stupid ass. Then when I got up I pulled that stupid ass lace front clean off. I mean I ain't mean to it just happened. I wasn't going to hit her until she pulled my hair. Oh it's on bitch. "Don't *punch* pull *punch* my *punch* hair *punch*. It's real bitch! *punch*." I yelled. I then let her go and washed my hands. "Have a good day bitch." I said walking past her. "Babe what took you so long?" Justin said kissing my cheek. "Seen an old friend." I said smiling. He chuckled and nodded. Then that bitch came limping out of the bathroom. When she saw me smirking at her she turned the other way. Yeah bitch better run.

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