We got on the airplane and I drifted off to sleep considering it was 6:00 am.

Finally, I woke up. It was about 8:15 am. I realized that Minnesota and Texas were probably the same time zones. I looked over at Payton, sitting in the window seat, who was still sleeping. I shook her awake. She peeked at me with one eye:


"Well hello to you, too", I laughed. "We're landing in about 15 minutes so you should wake up."

"Oh, Alright"

As we were waiting for our plane to land, we were taking a bunch of pictures and having a good time and eating airplane pretzels. All of a sudden I saw Payton smiling at me. 

"What?!" I asked, suspiciously.

"That guy who's in the row across from ours was looking at you" She whispered. "Be cool."

I looked over casually and saw he was still looking at me. Our eyes locked for about 5 seconds. Then, he smiled. It sent chills down my spine and I realized he was really cute and probably our age. 


I snapped out of my daze and noticed he was talking to me.

"I'm sorry, what?" I said, shyly. 

He laughed. A cute laugh. 

"I'm Connor. What's your name?"

"Anna. and this is my friend, Payton." She smiled and waved.

"So why are you headed to Texas?" He asked.

"Oh, we're moving here for our second year of college. Just something we've always wanted to do and finally got the money to do it. How bout you?" 

"I'm moving here too! Living here with my 3 best friends, Ricky, Jc, and Ricar-" 

He was cut off by the flight attendant. 

*"Passengers please put your seat belts on we will be landing in approximately 3 minutes"*

"Finally." Payton said, laughing.

Connor and I went on talking about ourselves and he told me he was a YouTuber.

"No way! That's so cool!" I gushed.

"Yeah, about 195,000 subscribers. No big deal." 

"Oh stop it." I playfully hit him. Somewhat flirting. And I think it was working. "That's a HUGE deal."

*"Passengers we have arrived in San Antonio, Texas. Enjoy your stay."*

Payton and I got up.

"Well I'll see you around, maybe?" I said, smiling.

"Nice meeting you!" Payton waved, gathering her carry on bag.

"Hey, wait" Connor said taking out a pen.

I turned around, "What?" 

"We should definitely see each other again sometime." He wrote something down on my hand. "And you can meet my friends!" Mostly looking at Payton as he said that.

"Okay" I said, noticing he wrote his number. I started smiling like an idiot. He looked back and winked at me and I pretty much died. Payton noticed and started freaking out 

"Oh my gosh he totally likes you!" 

This was going to be a fun summer.