Chapter 20

‘God will show you his perfect will and when you are walking in his will, you will know and be at peace with the decisions you make in your life.’

The weeks leading up to the wedding were full of activity. The bakery construction on the expanded side had been completed and they temporarily moved in while the renovations were made to the existing half of the store. Julie and Stephanie had come over several times for Julie to offer her decorating expertise on the design of the bakery. Not only was she a great decorator, she grew up in the bakery too but had an eye for design in such a way that made everything not only beautiful, but functional as well. She respected that Emily knew what was best and it was her bakery now, she only gave suggestions that might help her daughter.

Emily developed a relationship with her estranged family.The relationship she had always longed for with her mother was better than she ever expected. Stephanie was the little sister she always dreamed of having.  The only person that she had not met was Charles, Emily’s nineteen year old half brother. He returned from college not knowing about Emily, only to find her in his parents kitchen one night showing the cook how to make a secret family recipe. Mistaking her for an assistant to the cook, he ordered her to make him a sandwich. When she made a second and sat down with him to eat, he almost fainted with shock. But, when Stephanie came in and picked up half of Emily’s sandwich and plopped in her lap with her arm thrown around her big sister’s shoulder, both girls laughed at the look he gave them. They decided that he needed to meet his big sister too.

After weeks of getting to know each other, Emily, Charles and Stephanie were so close, they could not imagine ever not being in each other’s lives. With a quick addition and fitting, Emily took Stephanie to try on her bridesmaid dress. Julie and Grandma came as well. This would be Emily’s final fitting for her wedding dress. Seeing both of her daughter’s reflection in the mirror, Julie started to tear up. Grandma came up behind her and put an arm around her daughter’s waist, “No crying until it is all over with dear! Nothing but joy, Emily deserves that!”

“You are right and these are tears of joy. I never thought this would be possible. That I would have the love of both of my daughters.”

“Emily is a special girl. She has always been a blessing to me and your father. Now, well now, she can be a blessing to you and the rest of her family.”

The family, now whole once and for all, ascended on the bakery to help Emily with her big day. Grandma and Julie took Emily to the salon to have her hair done up in her veil, her make-up done and her nails painted.

Charles and Jonathon came to help get all of the wedding paraphernalia to the church and reception. Jonathon had welcomed Emily into his family. She had never had a father, so she enjoyed the ribbing and picking on that her step-father gave to her and her siblings. He treated her like she was his daughter. No one could replace the time that was lost, but so far, Emily was happy to have the family she never had before.

Emily and Ben were going on their honeymoon, but Grandma was going with the Hayes family to their cottage at Lake George for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Hayes thought Grandma might like to come with them and get away from the construction, since it was now going to be more intrusive into the apartment. Scott had access in case there were any emergencies and he would be overseeing the final construction in the bakery in Emily and Grandma’s absence.

Scott refused to let Emily help with the cakes, saying that they were his gift to her and Ben. And what a gift, Emily had never seen anything like it. The masterpiece had flowers of sugar trailing down the cake in various shades of purple. Some translucent, some opaque, but all spectacular. The icing of the cake was a beautiful beige with a slight lilac tint to it. She knew once she saw it, that if it had been entered in the competition, that he would have won. Ben’s groom cake was constructed to look like a stage with an angel that looked a lot like Emily in the middle of the stage singing. This cake would be a surprise for Ben, in more ways than one!