Chapter 12- Best Brother Ever

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February 16
Aurea’s Room
The Underworld Palace


“Wake up sleepyhead!”

“Ugh.” I groaned and rolled to the other side.

“Wake up! Come on! It’s ten AM!”

“That’s like five o’ clock AM when it’s Sunday.” I grumbled and grabbed one of my fluffy pink pillows and placed it on top of my head to muffle the sounds. Sudden light filled the room and I heard the drapes being pulled back.

“Ugh!” I groaned again.

There was a moment of blessed silence but then pillows suddenly started raining on me. My stuffed animals pelted my back and so did all my fluffy pillows. I turned around knelt on the bed. Then I threw the pillow I was using to cover my head across the room towards my assailant.

“Well, at least you’re awake!” he said with a satisfied smirk.

“Ugh. Aidon! I swear you have powers and those are annoying the hell out of everyone!” I screeched and threw another pillow.

“Not everyone. If I had the power to annoy everyone then maybe I’d be Dionysus. Or maybe Aphrodite.” He said in a shrug.

I was about to hurl another pillow towards him but I stopped when I realized that what he said actually made sense.

I plopped down back on the bed and prepared to resume my sleep but Aidon threw another pillow. “See! So freakin’ annoying!” I shouted.

“But not to everyone... Only to you little sister. You’re that special.” He said with a wink.

“Why do you keep on calling me little sister? We’re twins for gods’ sakes! And you’re just older by a few minutes!”

“It may be a few minutes but I am still older. You’re still my little sister.”

“Gods! I swear, if I got my powers right now, I’d zap you into oblivion!” I shouted while rubbing away the sleep from my eyes.

“You won’t.” He said with that smirk again.

“Why the hell not?”

“Coz’ I brought Pizza and Spaghetti.”

All my anger and sleepiness flew right out of the window with that statement. Well why didn’t he just wake me up the right way and say that he brought Pizza and Spaghetti the moment I opened my eyes?

“Y-you did?” I stammered.

“Yes. And I did not forget the meatballs.” He declared in a proud and enticing way. My eyes widened and my stomach roared in response. Since Friday night, the servants were out and there was no one to ask to cook my favourite Pizza and Spaghetti.

I can’t also order take out just like usual people do. It would be stupid. And I always imagine that the conversation would go somewhat like this.

“Hello? Can I order some Pizza and Spaghetti?”

“Name and Address?”

“Aurea Aidoneus. The Underworld Palace, The Underworld. Black gate made of onyx and jade. Precious stones littering the path. You won’t miss it. But wait. It’s in another realm! Hope delivery services reach here!”

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