Chapter 5~♥

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“Hello? Mrs.  Julia?” I slowly went inside the sunlit room.  I closed the door behind me with a soft click.

            I stood, feeling the environment of the setting peculiar.  It was usually so busy and talkative, with the staccato mouse clicking and printers jet-speeding copies on new layouts of the yearbook.  The sounds of the crew laughing over some lame joke and the smell of satisfying healthy fruit smoothies.  Albeit the fact that creating the yearbook was overall time-consuming and difficult, we still have a blast.  What a close-knit family we are.

            The Macs were snoozing on my right, the new computers looking chick and sophisticated as they already are.  The huge whiteboard was attacked with different colored Expo markers, labeling new ideas and suggestions on how to create the separate senior yearbook.   Taking my eyes from the highly punctuated fat exclamation marks and underlines, I saw a sticky note on one of the printers.  I immediately recognized the slanted, ballerina-thin handwriting.


            I’m so sorry, but I have a dentist app. during lunch.  I just needed to go over some files about the organization.  There’s a manila folder near the whiteboard where I put it out for the team. 

                                                                        -Mrs. Julia

            I grabbed the manila folder and quickly skimmed through them like lasers, just to make sure that it was the right piece of information.  Glad that it was, I crumpled up the sticky, threw it in the empty trash bin, and headed back out.  I decided to check out the cafeteria again if the gang was still there.

            When I reached the same hallway as before, an idea had sprouted into my mind.  Walking towards the music room, I slowly wondered, Why am I even doing this? But it soon became too late.

            I peeked in the little diamond-carved glass that showed some area of the music room.  Just as I had suspected.  Alex was still inside.  I could see his face, looking straight at an electric guitar.  It was a deep blue, with shine beaming to anyone who looks at it.  The strings seemed to be perfect.  The knobs even sparkled with a sense of pride.  Yup.  It was Adam’s.

            Why was I just standing here when I could just go inside? Frustrated by how completely bonkers I’ve been so far today, I jerked the handle and let the door swish open as wide as it would attain.  I swiftly stepped inside, my Converse squeaking the tile floor.  I looked up, Alex still not looking at me.  I cleared my throat.

            He finally looked up.  Heck, those eyes…

            “What are you doing here?” I asked, taking a seat from one of the chairs in the back.  They were set up like the room belonged to an orchestra.  Nicely placed chairs aligned and correctly splayed out for the benefit of Mr. G’s- the music teacher-daily teaching.  No one really knows his last name.  He never told anyone, including the school staff.  You could muster all you desire, but at the end, you always come out feeling disappointed, and you’ve just wasted a good hour.

            “The question might be in reverse.  What are you doing here?”

            I blushed, but quickly composed myself.  “I don’t know.”

            Alex shrugged, taking Adam’s guitar from the stand.  I wanted to stop him from doing anything further, but my throat closed up.  “Well, you must have had a reason.  If you don’t have a reason, then I don’t know what’s wrong with your mind’s capability to process clearly, to think clearly.  Or maybe you’re on drugs? Well, that’s a whole different scenario.  But anyways everything has a reason, and if you’re to stupid enough to think of at least one-”

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