Chapter 4

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The car ride home was deathly silent, apart from Harry’s sniffling from the passenger seat. “Not even an hour into the school day, and he needs me…” Anne thought to herself as she gripped the steering wheel so tight, her knuckles were turning white. As she pulled into the driveway of their home, and took the key out of the ignition, Anne sighed in absolutely defeat. “Harry when we get inside, I need to have a talk with you.” She didn’t even look at Harry to confirm this. Instead, she got out of the car, and headed inside the house. Harry didn’t understand why she was mad at him. He angrily followed her into the house, ripped off his coat, and threw it on the floor. Anne, who had been watching Harry, walked over to him, and crossed her arms expectantly. “Pick it up, Harry.” She stated calmly, even though she felt like screaming her head off due to frustration. “No!” Harry wailed while crossing his arms as well. “I’m not in the mood for tantrums right now, Harry. I’ll ask you once more to pick up the coat, and then you can go to your room.” Anne knew what was coming next, but she had to hold her ground in order for Harry to get the message. “NO!” Harry said before flinging himself to the ground, and wailing. He kicked his feet, and pounded his fists on the hardwood floor. The fear of Harry hurting himself got to Anne faster than the anger she felt towards him earlier. She knelt down next to flailing body, and grabbed hold of one of his fists before it pounded down on the floor anymore. “Harry, calm down please,” Anne rubbed Harry’s hand as she talked. “Listen, Gemma’s coming home soon, and I don’t think she’ll want to see you sobbing your eyes out when she walks through the door. Don’t you think she’ll get worried?” Anne reasoned while keeping a gentle hold of Harry’s hand. Harry only sobbed harder, and kicked his feet more at the thought of his sister not being home. “I miss Gemma! I want her now!” Harry ripped his hand out of his mother’s light grip, and began to bite. He bit and bit at the skin on his fingers, until Anne swore she saw blood. “Harry, no. Remember we made a pinky promise this morning to not bite our fingers? You’re making yourself bleed, sweetheart!” Anne tried desperately to pull Harry’s hands away from his mouth, only to be met with shrieks and wails from her son. There was a knock on the front door, that made both of them freeze, Harry still quietly whimpering, and nipping at his hands.  Anne got up from the floor, and made her way over to the door, all the while keeping an eye on Harry. She opened the door to reveal Gemma smiling at her. “Baby!” Anne flung her arms wide open, which Gemma gladly stepped into, both women giving each other a bone-crushing hug. “I’m so glad we’re finally off for winter break!” She exclaimed while stepping into the warm house. “Where’s Harry?” She asked while looking around for her little brother. Anne sighed exhaustedly, and pointed to the living room, where Harry was still lying on the floor, and sinking his teeth into his hand yet again. “Oh,” She quickly understood that Harry had another one of his episodes, and walked over to sit by him. “Hey, Harry-bear, what’s the matter with my favorite little brother?” Gemma started scratching at his scalp which instantly calmed him, and had him stop biting his hand. Harry lifted himself off the floor, and wrapped his arms around Gemma. “I missed you a lot,” Harry said, nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck. “I know, babe, I’ve missed you too.” Gemma hugged back, and gently swayed Harry from side to side. “Alright, Gemma, go ahead and take your bags upstairs, and freshen up. Harry and I have to talk for a minute, so take your time getting settled in.” Anne said while leading Harry over to the couch to sit down with her. Once Gemma disappeared up the stairs, Anne found this as a good time to start talking, “Harry, you can’t keep doing this all the time. You’re missing way too much school, and all your friends miss you so much when you leave.” Anne took Harry’s hand, and gently rubbed, avoiding all of the bleeding areas. Harry looked utterly confused at his mother’s speech. “Was I bad, mum?” Harry asked before biting his bottom lip to keep from having leftover emotions spill out of his eyes. Harry’s memory loss took affect at some of the worst times. “No, of course not honey. It’s just that, you need to try and relax and calm yourself down when things get scary. Gemma and I won’t always be there to make you feel better, and I can’t always pick you up from school when you get upset.” Anne wiped at the tear stains on Harry’s cheek as she continued, “I think it’s time we go back to see Dr. Flack just until you’re feeling better.” Anne held her breath in anticipation for Harry to start wailing again, but it didn’t happen. Harry had his head hung in shame. “I’m sorry for being stupid, mum. I’ll try to be good from now on. But I don’t wanna take more of those round thingies.” Harry’s brow furrowed as he shook his head to emphasize his point. “I don’t ever want to hear you call yourself “stupid” again, understand? You don’t have to take the pills right now, bugga-boo, I just want you to go and talk to her for a little while, okay? Come on, I’ve already scheduled you an appointment just so you guys can talk.” Anne reassured him. “Promise?” Harry stuck out his pinky finger, and Anne latched on with her own finger. “I promise, baby. Now go get Gemma, and then we’ll head down to the doctor’s office.” Anne gently nudged Harry off the couch before he made his way up the stairs.

                At the doctor’s office, Anne, Gemma, and Harry sat in the patient room, waiting for Harry to be called back. Harry became extremely fidgety, and hyper in the length of time that they waited. He bounced his leg up and down for 5 minutes straight, played with the jewelry on Gemma’s fingers, and walked around the waiting room several times. “Harry, come sit down, babe.” Anne instructed, as Harry was about to begin his walk around the waiting room for what seemed to be the twentieth time. Harry skipped back over to his mother, and landed himself in her lap. Anne nearly got the wind knocked out of her by the weight of her teenage son sitting in her lap. “You’re too big to be sitting in Mummy’s lap, Harry.” Gemma practically took the words right out of Anne’s mouth. “No, I wanna stay with mum.” Harry said while he burrowed his head into the crook of Anne’s neck, and grabbed one of her hands to hold onto. “Come sit next to mum. That way, you can still hold her hand if you want.” Gemma said while she patted the seat next to her. Harry let out a sigh of defeat, wriggled off of Anne’s lap, and sat in between his mother and sister. “Harry Styles, Dr. Flack will see you now,” One of the office receptionists announced after stepping into the waiting room. “Gem, do you mind waiting out here?” Anne asked her daughter hopefully. “No problem, mum.” Gemma replied before she reached for a magazine. “Alright, let’s go, Harry.” Anne said as she stood up, and felt Harry grab her hand tightly. “It’ll be okay, love.” Anne assured him. They followed the receptionist all the way to Dr. Flack’s office, and took a seat once inside. After another few minutes of waiting, and Harry playing with his mother’s fingers, Dr. Flack stepped into the room. “Hello, what brings you two here this afternoon?” Dr. Flack said as she took a seat at her desk. “Well, Harry has been getting upset a lot recently, and I was wondering if we could just talk about it without having to prescribe any medications yet.” Anne said while rubbing circles into Harry’s back. “I think that’s a great idea, Anne.” Dr. Flack said as she took a notepad out of her desk drawer, and grabbed a pen from the pencil cup at the edge of the desk. “Alright, Harry how are you doing today?”  She asked, her pen hovering over the notepad. After there was silence for a prolonged period of time, Anne got concerned, and looked over at Harry to find him fast asleep.  “So it’s going to be one of those days…”  Anne thought.

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