turn of the tables/my new pack life. ch.12

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"Okay, but I get to chose where we live because I'm not living in your house full of unmarked, hormonal, males. And I definitely don't want to live at my parents or the pack houses to many males." What she agreed.



I can't believe I just agreed to that deal. I don't want a new bike and I don't care about the gang. I just wanted to be with him. I felt myself being picked up, I felt the electrical like current travel through me. I squealed as he span me around he really did mean what he said. I started to hit his shoulder screaming to be put down. I ran to my baby god I had missed her and wrapped her in a hug,

"Oh, who's a good girl did you miss me cos I missed you?" I cooed

"Oh, great I just got dumped for a bike."

 A BIKE, A BIKE, that's no bike that's my baby the one I will never have. I threw him a helmet and climbed on my baby. I felt him climb on and wrap his arm's tight around my waist. It took me 10 minuets getting home. Sam climbed of the back of my baby took his helmet off and vomited. I laughed at him for it, he's suppose to be the man not the women who vomit's after. I chuckled and pulled my baby into my garage.

"Wow, when did you buy a mansion?" Sam was surprised at the size of my house.

"I was given it as a birthday present when I was 15 as well as KILLER." He looked at me confused.

"How come, KILLER you always write it in capital letters?" He seriously didn't know.

"I write it in capital letters because I'm using sarcasm KILLER couldn't hurt a fly if he wanted to a two year old wolf cub does more damage at dinner than KILLER has ever done in his measly 3 years of being on the planet. He might look scary because he's a Rottweiler but really he's just all show he's really , lazy, sweet, dopey, calm, drool and a good friend." He looked at me as if realisation had hit him pure in the face. I walked into the mansion with him by my side only to depart to talk to my parents on a privet matter.

I walked into the study to see mom sitting at the desk with dad standing behind her. I didn't get a chance to say anything before dad had already started and you never interrupt the Alpha when he spoke exspeacialy my father.

"Baby girl, I know that what I'm going to ask is something major and you may want to think about it but me and your mother are stepping down from the title. I'm tired of being Alpha I have been for awhile I just didn't think you were ready. Baby girl I want you to take over the role as Alpha to the pack." He had just took the word right out of my mouth.

I laughed "How did you know I was going to ask to be Alpha? I knew you were tired dad so I've been training with flash with all the things I need to know about it oh and beating his butt it challenges." He smiled at me,

"So that is what the classes were? Sam thought they were some sort of dance classes." I smiled at him.

"I have been having dance lesson's again, ballet just like I use to." He smiled at me I could see the pride in his eyes.

"There's the baby girl I use to know. So I'm taking it as a yes. Oh and by being Alpha that makes Sam Alpha but you would be the more dominate one because you have stronger Alpha blood than him." I was confused if that makes Sam Alpha then what about his pack.

"But Dad if Sam becomes Alpha of this pack what happens to pack Red?" He smiled at me as well as my mom.

"His father is having the same talk to him as we are. You will become the first ever Alpha's daughter to run two packs." Oh hell, this is more than I expected but still I was up for the challenge. God the sick feeling was back again for about a week now I've been vomiting I nearly missed the talent show. god what was wrong with me. I gave dad a hug as he left to make the announcement. Mum grabbed me in a hug and said,

"Have you told Sam yet about it?" What? What was she on about.

"Mom, What are you on about?" I was honestly confused by her. She looked me straight in the eyes and saw the look on my face she smiled and stroked my cheek it was comforting she hadn't done this since I was a little girl. I felt like me and mom were getting closer to each other. I felt like her little girl again.

"Baby girl, your pregnant Me and your farther could smell it for miles." I was what, no I couldn't be I was so shocked mom sat me down in a chair and got me a glass of water she rubbed my forehead like she always use too when I was younger. Sam's parents and my dad walked in with Sam trailing them. Mom called the pack Doctor he was here in second, Sam seem over the moon that I was pregnant what wasn't a surprise is that he was thinking of only boys names. I squealed when Doc was taking my blood. I hated having blood drawn it hurts like hell. What the Doc said next sent me into shock.

"You might want to start getting her comfortable and fixing a nursery for the 4 of them, They should be here in the next 2 weeks. Shes five weeks along so its a lot less than a humans pregnancy time but with us being werewolves a normal pregnancy should last 10 weeks but with her having four its a lot less. Its the first I've seen of quadruplets and I've been this packs Doctor for 59 year." Yer I forgot one of the good things about wolves is that being a wolf we can live for a very long time given the fact that we must change every so often. So I guess thats what they mean by over protective mates Sam wouldn't let me move off the examination bench. I had to ask him to fetch me something to eat, then told either his parents or mine to tell him, stop being and over protective jerk, oh, and i'm in my bedroom. So here is to my happy little family, I couldn't wait till they arrived. I fell asleep stoking my stumach.


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