turn of the tables/my new pack life. ch.12

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hey guys I now I haven't uploaded in like four days I've been ill today so I just thought watt-pad should cheer me up so I've decided to write for you again I hope you enjoy there might be a new character coming into it I don't now yet I haven't decided. So here is chapter chappy no 12 hope you enjoy.

oh yer just though I should tell You there is Team Sam and Team Rosalinda and so far I feel really sorry for Team Sam I keep beating him around the bush ll he wants to do is be with his mate and I just keep making it harder for him oh by the way the prophecy thing might not actually be a prophecy it could be a myth or a legend so be prepared cos it could or couldn't be true.



Seeing her take off on Taylor, sure made me think about how good she would be of a Alpha. I couldn't take my eyes of her she was so beautiful. I'd never heard her use it before but I could hear her using her Alpha authority, I could see and feel Taylor backing down with it he looked scared. Ha ha him scared of a girl, not just any girl my mate. It gave me a sense of pride and longing every time I seem to get close to her something pulls me away just as quickly.

We started to head back to her parents house, when suddenly Rosy said,

"Sam can I talk to you for a minuet?" She seemed unsure to ask, I couldn't refuse her I loved her to much not to.

"Yer, sure. " She looked relieved when her parents and every one else was a good distance away she asked.

"Why did you come tonight?" She looked so hurt she tried to hide it by turning away but I saw the tear fall. I wrapped her in a hug and whispered,

"I came tonight, because I heard an amazing girl was doing a performance and she didn't want her mate to see her. So being a good friend of her mate I came to say," I looked her straight in the eye's when I said this. "No matter where you are or what you do I'm not going any where because I love you with all my heart, and no one will ever tell you different." I saw the tear in her eye's roll down her cheek as she smiled at me.

"I love you too." I kissed her softly and she responded, I deepened the kiss but after a long time we had to pull away for air. "Hey you two get a room, on second thoughts wait until the performance at the house is done." I turned to see Jenna leaning on Rosa's bike a short distance away. God I hated that bike. Rosalinda laughed at her.

"Say's the one who thought I'm in a street gang, well I am but were not that bad!" What when did she get in a street gang god what if she gets shot or stabbed? Now I sounded like a wimp.

"Come on." She pulled me towards the bike, damn I forgot I gave Taylor my car keys. I thought of something. "Hey Rosalinda, how about we make a deal?" She looked at me confused.

"A deal?" I nodded.

"What sort of deal?" I grinned at her.

"How about this, I will buy you a new bike, If you leave the street gang and come and live with me." I knew I had took it to far but I couldn't help it it just slipped. She thought about it for a second.

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